Details on WWE2K19 Cover and Commercial

wwe2k19 wwe video games cover wrestler pre order bonus

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned a commercial was shot this week for WWE2K19 featuring the wrestler on the cover, the pre-order bonus character and an unexpected legend.

Sources tell us AJ Styles will be appearing on the cover of the game and the pre-order bonus character will be Ronda Rousey. Both were present this week in Memphis for the cover reveal shoot.

As you may recall, WWE took the same approach last year by having Seth Rollins on the cover and Kurt Angle as the pre-order bonus character. 

In addition, sources tell us Rey Mysterio was on-set and seemed to be playing a big part in the advertisement. Mysterio shared a photo on Instagram this week with Jeff Hardy— the location being tagged as Jupiter — and followers with a keen eye noticed it was definitely a recent picture.

We’re told that’s because Jeff Hardy is also in the commercial, as well as a few other wrestlers.

Mysterio was last in WWE at Greatest Royal Rumble, but most recently wrestled NJPW Dominion.

The official announcement for AJ on the cover is set to go down Monday. 

  • Louis

    Very cool for AJ.

  • Acecursion


  • Mrearn

    Very happy for AJ, and its been a long time coming.

  • mae youngs hand child

    Nice. But why the hell is rousey even the pre order character? Nobodys buying a copy to get her. 😂😂

    • Starleen Smith

      u probably wont buy a copy of her. and why shes a pre order cause she debut at the royal rumble in january. just like kurt angle returns last year before the 2k18 even announced. are u stupid or something

  • Person2154

    If only 2k wouldn’t release a broken game each year though. I stopped buying the game three years ago then rented it this year and still so many problems. also fu 2k for the carriermode lootboxes