WWE Raw Overruns Are No More Starting Monday Night

raw overruns no more hard out

Monday Night Raw continuing past its scheduled ending time has been a staple of the show since the Attitude Era … but now that is reportedly going away.

The story was first reported by Fightful.com, who say they’ve since confirmed with WWE that Raw will have a hard-out time of 11 pm ET going forward. 

As any wrestling fan who watches the show knows, Raw rarely ends when it’s supposed to. This was done to combat WCW in the 90s, but is less necessary in 2018. Case in point: SmackDown Live

Fightful indicated that the call was likely made by USA Network. 

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  • Jeremy

    As long as Lesnar is champ they could cancel for all I care.

  • Louis

    Why you so angry, Jeremy?

    Jeremy spoke in class today.

  • Jonas LaClaque

    let the women wrestle nude already

  • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

    Good move.

  • Bessie Ladwig

    Love Raw. Now make Hogan General Manager of Raw. Make Drew Mclntrye Raw Champion. Not loser Brock. I want a champion that’s going to be on Raw defend the belt.get well Roman Reigns.true champion. Come back an take your yard back

    • Jimmy McGill

      Hogan can stay at home. Enough of him.

  • Elaine House


  • Elaine House

    It won’t last long

  • Mitt Zombie

    Traitor Vince does propaganda for the 9/11 funders.