WrestleMania 34 Location Revealed … Announcement Forthcoming

wrestlemania 34 location wwe wrestling new orleans

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned the location of WrestleMania 34 … and we’re told the event will be held in a place that’s no stranger to the Show of Shows.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell us WWE officials will soon announce that WrestleMania is returning to New Orleans in 2018.

The event was last held in the Big Easy back in 2014 for WrestleMania XXX and featured Daniel Bryan‘s memorable WWE World Heavyweight Title win. It’s also where Undertaker‘s streak ended.

No word on the exact date of when they’ll be making it official, but it’s worth noting that Monday Night Raw is in New Orleans on January 9th and Shawn Michaels/Taker are advertised for the show.

Are you happy with their choice? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Stephen Combs

    New Orleans is great, but the Super Dome is a hellhole. I’m not particularly happy about it because that place sucks.

    • ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ – WGU

      last time they needed extra generators in case of power outage like at Super Bowl

  • Kelijah

    I’m happy because New Orleans was great town, but the SuperDome and that small ass arena down there were miserable and a terrible fan experience.

  • Vincent Elisar

    I’m perfectly fine with it being in the SuperDome because it is only an hour away from my house. I went to WrestleMania 30 in 2014 and I intend on going to this one

  • Matthew Smith

    I was kind of hoping for Toronto and then have DDP go into the HOF because he drove the Cadillac at Wrestlemania 6 and then he made his Wrestlemania debut at 18.

    • Stan

      After drawing 100,000+ for WM 32 in Texas, it would be lame to go to Rogers Centre (Skydome)…. it can only seat 60,000 for a WM. Lame. Not enough butts in the seats. Not enough revenue. Toronto will never happen again.

  • Mark


  • Abel Belay

    It’s not going to be in New Orleans, its going to be in Minneapolis.