Female Wrestlers Left in the Dark Prior to Royal Rumble Announcement

left in the dark womens royal rumble wwe didn't know

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned WWE‘s plan for the upcoming women’s Royal Rumble was kept so tightly under wraps that even the competitors were left in the dark.

Multiple sources tell us that the women in the match were NOT given a heads up as to what Stephanie McMahon would be announcing on Raw, so their reactions afterward were genuine.

We’re told only a handful of people were in the know and most on the production team were kayfabed up until the announcement went down, which was obviously done to keep the news from leaking.

Watch the video below to see Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin list the surprise appearances he’d like to happen in the upcoming women’s Rumble and sound off in the comments below listing yours.

  • Steve Lustig

    Calling it now: Madusa/Alundra Blayze will make a cameo in the Rumble.

    • Will Henderson

      nope, she just had knee replacement surgery so she’s out now.

      • Pavement Rhodes

        Plus, don’t think she’s worked a match since WCW folded.

        • farleydave3

          Yeeeaashhh…wonder why?

        • TransJinderMahal

          I saw her on an indy show after they folded. But that was still close to 15 years ago….Damn i’m old.

  • jrock2310

    Hahaha… yeah, and only everyone on social media who follows wrestling news.

    They knew even if a mcmahon didnt confirm it.

  • Joseph Blough

    Rhonda Rousey debuts and wins

  • Pavement Rhodes

    Hear a lot of talk about Awesome Kong/Kharma being a potential rumble entrant. In her last TNA run, she could barely move, back is shot. And she only has a few weeks of WWE airtime under her belt anyway, long ago. Not that big of a star. Think the odds of her even being considered are long.

    • Dan Bristow

      She is starting in Netflix show glow anyways

  • Gino Currier

    I would like to see Kharma return to the wwe


    They need a surprise entrant into the Rumble to get people excited. I’m thinking it’s going to be Rousey.

  • fashionvalley

    Ronda will SAVE WWE and million$ of new viewers will watch wrestling!

    • Trex

      Bet it wont. They will still be getting the average 3 million. The only time wrestling popped 5-7 million is when The Rock came back.

    • TransJinderMahal

      It’s Dusty Rhodes

      • fashionvalley

        misspelling is ignorance, not disrespect..
        btw, I actually met the Dream, drank beer with him when we used to reside in sunny Tampa, Fla, he’d hang out at Blue Mist Lounge…

  • Brent B.

    Like them or not, the Bella twins would get a big reaction and they still lead the charge in reality tv so it would be a natural choice now that both are in ring shape again.

  • Louis

    I got this big dark dick for the WWE female wrestlers. Bada bing.

    • TransJinderMahal

      Dark Meat,White Meat…Dem Bitches will take anything. Just look at Paige….HAHAHA