WWE Mulling Over Decision to Use WCW Labeling on Upcoming Events

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Could the words WWE Presents: Hog Wild be said in the near future? According to sources, the use of a few WCW event names is getting closer than you’d think.

We’re told WWE officials are getting close to putting their hand in the nostalgia basket once again to use old labeling for a few live events/specials in the very near future.

As you may recall, WWE ran a Clash of Champions event last year and used WWE branding for The Great American Bash from 2004-2009 (and then in 2012 as a one-off Smackdown episode).

It’s unclear which events they’re looking to run at this point … but given the time of year, it’s worth noting that the next few WCW PPVs would’ve been Fall Brawl: War Games, Halloween Havoc, World War 3 and Starrcade.

Sound off in the comments below and tell us which event you’d want to see them bring back.

  • cultstatus

    “You may remember the last time that a WCW moniker was used for WWE branding was The Great American Bash”

    Or Clash of the Champions last year.

    • Kyle

      It was “Clash of Champions”

  • http://www.metalinjection.net/ Robert Pasbani

    They definitely won’t use Hog Wild because “Hog” is trademarked by Harley Davidson, even WCW abandoned that title after the first year and changed the PPV to “Road Wild.”

    • Jerry Tilley

      You might want to do a bit of research there. The term they have trademarked is H.O.G. which stands for Harley Owner’s Group, which is not the same as hog, that is not trademarked.

      • http://www.metalinjection.net/ Robert Pasbani

        Okay, but WCW still wanted to avoid any possible lawsuits, so they changed the title.

        • Jerry Tilley

          Nice try, but still a fail. Anyone that has EVER owned a Harley knows it’s H.O.G. not hog. As long as they didn’t call it H.O.G. Wild, there wouldn’t be any legal challenge possible.

  • David Edwards

    War Games…please

  • gymbeau2000

    Vince has said over and over he will never use War Games

  • Blaine Wheeler

    Considering the current political climate worldwide, using the name World War 3 might not be the best idea…

  • Bill Woods

    Only if they buy global. Wcw was going to be its own brand when wwe bought it. Then it died on the vine.

  • wcwchris

    I could see Triple H using some of the names for Takeover events. NXT Takeover: Starrcade or NXT Takeover: SuperBrawl

  • therealnitzilla

    I watched the three ring battle royal a few weeks ago. Man was it a mess. If they try to recreate it they need to do a better job of cutting, and do a way with the abysmal triple screen on which you could see nothing.

    • Ryan Johnson

      WWE’s production is lightyears beyond what WCW was doing. They’d be fine.

  • jeff hooligan

    I would like to see them use war games, great American bash, maybe Halloween havoc. I think wwe shouldn’t use starcade .

    • Bill Brown

      I would love to see them use War Games. Just as long as they don’t mess it up.

  • thevictoriousgecko

    Halloween Havoc was a great name!

  • Mercenaries 55

    I think it is time for Vince and the management of WWE to do the following.

    They should end Smackdown live or whatever they want to call it.

    Do a true division. Take the Smackdown time slot and make it the relaunch WCW nitro.
    This would make sense why.
    1st It would make a real second main brand
    2nd. They can get rid of the duel titles such as Women’s and tag team.
    Also get rid of that stupid pathetic Universal title.
    3rd Play up on two rivalries. 1. The Monday night wars but do it as the two promotion war.
    2. Use the rivalry between the Stephanie and Shane.
    4th Vince and company could make a deal with Wildlife Fund to use the abbreviation WWF again for the Raw show.
    5th Make the WWE the main company. It would stand for World Wide Entertainment.
    Then they can keep the WWF PPV names with Raw
    Use WCW PPV names for the former Smackdown now Nitro.

    • Bill Brown

      This is never going to happen. It would create too much confusion among the fanbase.

      • Mercenaries 55

        How would it create confusion.
        Oh the current version is not confusing. How can they determine who is the longest reigning tag team and women’s champion when you have two versions of the titles.
        Now if you have two different promotion with different names you wouldn’t be so confused. I don’t see the NXT women’s, World , tag team being called WWE champions then the show. No it is called the NXT champions with their own titles with the branding. Not looking like the other main brand roster titles.

      • mike

        I agree and most of it is just ridiculous lol.

    • TheJrockfreak .

      That would have been a great idea years ago but not now

      • Mercenaries 55

        Why not now????
        So it is okay to have that pathetic excuse of a division makes more sense. We have a stupid Universal title. Then you have two sets of Tag team and women’s titles. If they do as I been saying to do you. Then you would have a WCW women’s champion and WWE/ WWF women’s champion. It would bring back validity to both titles. Then you have two World champions not what we have today. It will work best now because of the two reasons I stated.

        • Forest Segal

          They present the Universal Title as a World title, so as far as they’re concerned they already have TWO separate world champions

        • TheJrockfreak .

          because nobody cares that much about wcw to see it back as a brand in 2017 it would die faster than 205 has

    • Tim Briggs

      First Vince was court ordered to change the name to wwe and if you new the history world wildlife foundation has been around longer and had the name first. When Vince took over from sr it was called wwwf , world wide wrestling federation. As far as the rest stop living in the 90’s the reason Vince bought them bc Bischof ran it to the ground, WCW as a name would not make money bc of it. And nobody wants to see yet again another McMahon rivalry it’s been done to much with same results.

      • Mercenaries 55

        First I am NOT living under a rock. This whole brand divide is PATHETIC. What wrestling company has two versions of their titles!!!! What is company now Twix!!!! As to my idea making the main company name World Wide Entertainment is no where near the World Wildlife fund. Oh yea read up!!!! That company is no longer known as the World Wildlife Fund!!! The only chapter of that company called it is in U.S.A.
        As to WCW not being a profitable company. I’m not saying relaunch the old!!!! I’m saying use that name as a SECOND main roster brand. The current way the company is running SUCKS!!!!
        I think it is funny how you and the World Wildlife Fund can say who can use the abbreviation WWF. I do realize that company been around longer than the World Wrestling Federation. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THAT WCW AS A SECOND BRAND WILL WORK AND MY IDEAS ARE AS STUPID AS YOU THINK. Open your mind and you’ll see I’m right .

      • http://instagram.com/stift.er stifter

        This guy surely has to be a troll, right?

    • Travis Boyle

      Would have been good in 2001 but that ship has sailed. I don’t need the McMahon’s feuding again. I have enjoyed the Authority not being around anymore either.

      • Mercenaries 55

        The McMahons fued is the only part of what they could do. There is alot more potential with what I been stating then what it is today. I think my ideas have more potential to work and would work alot better than others. Ah heck it doesn’t need to be WCW but I think they just need to make a better effort to make two promotions than using the show names with a set of same titles and then create a Pathetic excuse of a title Universal. What in the heck is that. I rather have a WWE/F champion and a WCW, AWA champion. It make it sound and look more professional not like a little kid running the company. Oh 1 last idea I would use the NEW relaunched WCW as the southern brand . Which means the company would tour the southern states . WWE/F would be the northern promotion. It would tour the northern states. Then once a year have all the wrestlers become free agents ie draft.
        This would allow for the North and South getting to see new stars. Also to you and the rest my idea would work better than the relaunch of ECW . Which faltered because the company was a nitch one. WCW was similar to WWE/F this is why I say use that name. Also you have STING in the fold and he could become general manager of the NEW relaunched WCW. As to the past Shane owning WCW . This would all play in to one of the rivalry.

        • Impactwrestling

          I agree that they don’t see the potential sure, it could create if they had a storyline where Shane was somehow able to launch a WCW brand. Right now WWE is very boring product need something like this to create Buzz between two Brands and storylines.

          Wcw world champion vs wwe word champ

          • Lester Maynard

            I agree with merc completely…mostly the territories!!! That’s how wrestling was born!!! Territories

          • Wyllis

            +1 Merc is on a mission. I havent watched in years because of the Brand split. I know it keeps moving along, but its a great idea. It would probably get me into it again as well as get my twins interested!

    • Michael Morawsky

      this is prolly one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. The only part I agree with is the universal championship was a dumb idea. They will never bring back nitro. If wwe were to bring back any wcw ppvs it would only be the ppvs that have a single ring. Vince isn’t about losing money nor taking seating away. If anything Vince would want to add more seats to make more money. Wcw is the past. It had a nice run. O, and one other thing, world wide entertainment? Really? Seriously? Whatever your smoking I want some.

  • Jacob Nerotiq

    The wwe needs to expand its talent thru other companys like roh/njpw does it would put life into wwe product and give attention to other organizations right now wwe is stale bringing old ppv names wont help. Its the same garbage everyweek controversy brings veiwers

  • http://fyfps.tumblr.com/ Giorgio Tsoukolas

    War Games, Starrcade and Superbrawl please.

    • Tim Briggs

      Starrcade won’t happen BC it was wcw’s equivalent to wrestlemania. For wwe to use it would desecrate the name and what it stood for. Superbrawl be more the route its the first ever supercard event back in the 80’s and oldest ppv.

  • Matthew Smith

    If they bring back Fall Brawl I could see them not doing War Games

  • Mel Coit

    Halloween Havoc would be nice.

  • Tim Briggs

    Starrcade won’t happen BC it was wcw’s equivalent to wrestlemania. For wwe to use it would desecrate the name and what it stood for. War games would be great if it went back to fall brawl and if wwe creative can fix it and take it back to two rings like it started. Superbrawl be more the route its the first ever supercard event back in the 80’s and oldest ppv.

    • Mark Kausch

      Hmmm. Since you said this twice, you’ve put BOTH feet in your mouth.

  • Josh Night Wing

    Replace Hell in the cell with Halloween Havoc.

  • Bobby Roberts

    WWE could never use HOG WILD…WCW had to change it to ROAD WILD due to Harley Davidson saying HOG was a reference to their trademark.

    • Tim Briggs

      Did you read the comments before you wrote this? Harley can’t trademark a name. That means every farmer in the world would have to pay them for saying the word hog. Hog=pig incase you didn’t know. Harley has the acronym H.O.G. trademarked

      • Bobby Roberts

        Yes, I did…and yes, they can.

        The phrase ‘hog wild’ can be trademarked.

        Also, thanks for explaining farm animals to me.


        • Tim Briggs

          Exactly a phrase not a word. You can not trademark a name. That’s saying you can trade mark your name and you get paid from everyone naming their kid Bobby? No it don’t work that way.

          • Captain Bollocks

            “A trade mark can be a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, sound, shape, signature or any combination of these elements.”

          • Bobby Roberts

            Captain Bullocks knows what’s up.

            Not sure what you think a trademark is, but yes, you can trademark words, a phrase and even a name.

  • Laura

    World War 3 as a PPV name seems a bit on the nose at this point in time. I’d love to see War Games- though sadly I think it’ll be Halloween Havoc. Always been surprised they never stole that as an October PPV name.

  • Travis Boyle

    Halloween Havoc would be great. Sooner have that than Hell in the Cell or TLC this October.

  • CashfloFromSTL

    War Games should of been in rotation. Classic wwe bias.

    • Brian Humpty Forsythe

      Long Vince is around tthere will be no war games he does like the ideal of two rings

    • mike

      Vince isn’t for it due to the seating. So I can’t fault him for that.

  • I hate lots of stuff

    I’ve always heard Vince wouldn’t come for it but HHH was pushing for War Games. It’s one of the only things I’ve ever fantasy booked and OFTEN think up dream War Games scenarios. I would mark it hard for a War Games featuring a team of KO, Joe, Neville and HHH

    • Lester Maynard

      Dusty Rhodes created war games(many superstars say that’s the best he ever done) so I think it should be done and called the dusty Rhodes memorial war games

  • Lester Maynard

    The grand daddy of them all!!! Starcade

    • Wyllis

      Which one had 3 rings? Can’t remember

  • Death Driver

    Bringing back Starrcade would be awesome

    • BlazeKing

      It IS Starrcade!!!

  • Fred

    Starcade was a house show last month. Too bad it wasn’t televised.

    If there’s 1 WCW event I’d like to see annually it would be Starcade.

  • brian03101

    Worse thing to happen to wrestling was WWF taking both promotions over have not watched since