War Games Match Announced for Upcoming NXT TakeOver in Houston

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It began with Starrcade and now it’s continuing with NXT War Games … because the company announced on Wednesday that the famous match will take place at TakeOver: Houston.

The announcement was made at the NXT TV tapings when William Regal said The Undisputed Era, SAnitY and The Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong would face-off in a War Games match.

For those unfamiliar, the match features two rings surrounded by steel cages.

As we first reported, the company had been interested in bringing back successful WCW properties for live events/network specials. That got confirmed when Starrcade was announced.

Stoked to see the WCW gimmick match return? Sound off in the comments.

  • Richard Di Biase

    That would be sick. Finally, the return of the War Games match, 16 years after the end of WCW. Then again, William Regal must have lobbied for that, having been in WCW for years as Steven Regal, not to mention Triple H probably being more open to the idea than Vince would ever be.

    • Wolfie

      Both Regal and Triple H wanted it to come back. hell if Starrcade wasn’t a live event it would probably have been a nxt takeover show

      • Richard Di Biase

        I have to agree, plus it could be another tribute to Dusty. Instead of the clusterfuck with making Starrcade, WCW’s Wrestlemania (for lack of a better description), a live event, NXT bringing War Games back at one of their major events makes this a more worthy and dignified comeback than the Starrcade thing.

  • Señor Zilla

    Starrcade should be a network show dadgum it

  • Cj Keller

    Interesting, just wish Heavy Machinery was involved.

    But I do wonder if they’ll bring the War Games gimmick to the main roster (especially at a shared PPV). Something like The Shield .v. Miz and the Bar .v. New Day .v. Uso’s with Dolph Ziggler would be an really entertaining “War Game.”

  • Ezra Devon Wallace

    HHH has been wanting to bring back War Games for years… I’m guessing they’re testing war games at a smaller venue first because you’d have to tweet your main roster seating configuration for the dual cage…It’s looking more and more like Vince is taking a step back… I respect the hell out of Vince McMahon but it’s time to move aside

  • Alex Cuellar

    Bring Back Halloween Havoc