Wade Barrett — Gives Notice to WWE … I’m Not Signing a New Contract

wade barrett leaving wwe not re-signing contract wrestling

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett will not be signing a new contract with the company when his current deal expires in a few months … Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned.

Sources close to the situation tell us Barrett recently informed WWE officials of his decision — and we’re told it was due to the wrestler no longer enjoying what he was doing in the company.

Wade was signed in 2007 and made his TV debut on the first season of NXT in 2010. He moved to the main roster after winning the competition, but was never able to transition into the main event scene.

Our sources say his contract expires in June, but it’s unclear what he’ll be doing post-WWE.

  • Bill Stone

    Here’s a hint as to what Wade’s going to be doing…..Working a lot harder for less money!

    • Von Krieger

      I don’t think you can actually be worked any harder on the pro wrestling circuit than you do in WWE. Th ‘E has you on the road 300 days a year, wrestling up to five times a week.

  • ReVeLaTeD

    “Look, it’s Stu Bennett, the angry cousin of the Miracle Mike Bennett!! What’s he’s doing in Impact Wrestling!?!”

  • Menstrual Droppings

    They’re just walking out of the main roster, now. This is what it must have felt like to work at Kodak and Radio Shack during their final years when the boss refused to listen to the changing demands of the clientele.

  • A. Joseph Alley

    Smart move. From a creative perspective the wwe storylines are awful. Damn shame too, they were once brilliant.

  • jongauhy

    thank god.. barrett is garbage… zero charisma , boring in the ring

  • Hugh G Rection

    Barrett would be a main eventer if not for Cena’s refusal to put him over.

    He’s been screwed by Vince, along with every other British wrestler ever to enter WWE. Good move Barrett to hell with the lame,dull, dross WWE

  • Steve

    The guy has had mountain of injuries and he is 35, going to lets say TNA where schedule is much lighter except when they do the back to back tv taping could help.

    Japan i cant see option they work strong style and injuries would be worry for NJPW

  • edgar

    Havent been relevant since the bad news barrett gimmick……

  • Rodriquez Monzell Greene

    If they do the league of nations like evolution or like the four horseman back in the day give them all a championship run which each individual holds a title and tries to keep them at all costs which the locker room join to dethrone what could be a dominant faction better than the shield do that wade barrett will give his run in wwe put him Kevin Sullivan to polish up his Mic skills behind the scenes and BOOM the new wade barrett

  • Johnny

    Well, that’s good. He’ll “maybe” be a hot commodity, as a free agent? If he can make more on the Indy scene like others as appose to what their getting paid as WWE talnet “which” is said isn’t as much as Cena or a Brock Lesnar. Barrett would have to Hustle a lot harder.

    But who knows maybe Japan will take him, ROH? Or Impact Wrestling???…or Work for Jarrett’s GWF

  • Rudi Rint

    Back to Saturday nights in Llandudno in front of 300 people

  • Nato__Ren

    PROGRESS is the hottest shit right now in UK. Barrett in there could be an AWESOME asset for both the young guys and the promotion itself.

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