Trevor Lee Announces Official WWE Signing (VIDEO)

trevor lee signs wwe announcement video

It’s official! Former Impact Wrestling star Trevor Lee has announced he signed a WWE contract.

Lee announced the news Friday night in North Carolina following the main event of a CWF Mid-Atlantic show while addressing rumors about his future. 

“This week I was no longer a free agent,” Trevor explained. “Because I signed a contract to the WWE.”

As you may recall, Lee parted with Impact Wrestling in November after a 4-year run with the company. It was heavily rumored that he left to pursue a job with WWE. 

The new signee told the CWF Mid-Atlantic audience that he’d stay with the company until losing their top title, and would next defend the belt in a six-pack scramble on February 2.

The full show can be FOUND HERE

Watch Trevor’s announcement below. 

  • Louis

    Good luck to Trevor Lee. He had a pretty damn good run in Impact under the crazy circumstances. He worked under Do
    Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, Jeff Jarrett and Don Callis.

    Throughout all that, Lee was the most consistent performer and was always a part of the show every week.