Jacksonville Jaguars Co-Owner Tony Khan is President of All Elite Wrestling

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All Elite Wrestling was officially announced last night, and sources have confirmed Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan is President of the company.

As we previously reported, the Khan family has been connected to the rumors of All Elite Wrestling since they first began. Our sources say that’s because Tony Khan is a big part of AEW, as he’ll be serving in the top role of the company.

We’re told Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes will serve as Executive Vice Presidents. Sources say keeping the creative team behind All In together was a huge element of the deal. 

In case you missed it, the group will be holding a rally at TIAA Field next week to announce more details about the followup to All In titled “Double or Nothing.” The rally just so happens to be within walking distance of the SmackDown taping happening on the same day. 

According to PWInsider, the group has already had conversations with multiple networks about a possible TV show in 2019 — but no word on which ones exactly. AEW is also apparently actively talking to talent about signing multi-year contracts. 

FYI — Forbes claims the Khan family is estimated to be worth $6.3 billion. They also own Fulham F.C.

Sounds like this year is going to get interesting.

  • The Shockmaster

    So pleased this is happening. Wrestling needs another billionaire in the market to give everyone an alternative to WWE which has become so complacent with its booking and storytelling.

    • Chris King

      Who gives a shit about the wwe? If you don’t like it, find something you do like. There are several promotions to choose from. I watch just about everything out there except for the wwe. I can’t remember the last wwe show I watched.

  • Steve Sullivan

    It won’t matter

  • The Leviathan

    Dixie Khan.

  • The Leviathan

    This dweeb is just a money mark.

    • WeaponDelta121

      Says the individual trying to identify as Bautista !

      • The Leviathan

        Kiss my black ass!

        • WeaponDelta121

          Is it really black like in a pitch black room or a lighter shade of brown ?