Former WCW/WWF Star Tom Zenk Passes Away

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Tom Zenk — who worked for both WCW and WWF — has reportedly passed away.

Zenk’s obituary was first published in the Star Tribune and says he passed away on December 9 in Minnesota at the North Memorial Medical Center.

No further information on his cause of death has been reported.

Tom joined WWF in in 1986 to form the Can-Am connection with Rick Martel, but their push ended when Zenk unexpectedly quit the company. He eventually re-appeared in WCW as The Z-Man in 1989 and stayed with the company until 1994.

We’ll keep you updated if more details are made available.

  • Louis

    Very sad. My condolences to his family.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    In remembrance, Tony Schiavone’s erection will be at half mast.

  • Fred

    RIP Z man.

  • Silverback

    I remember Z-Man. He was so over with the ladies. Great wrestling talent.

  • Lisa Shores

    When he was wrestling in Portland we became friends. He changed a lot after wwf and wcw. He will be missed. He was a great person.