Tom Phillips – NXT Commentator to Join SmackDown Live Announce Team

tom phillips smackdown live announcer nxt wrestling

WWE has announced that RAW interviewer/NXT announcer Tom Phillips is joining SmackDown Live … but not to replace any of the current commentary team, they’ll now have a 4-man squad.

Phillips’ new position doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving NXT either … WWE says, “Fear not, NXT Universe, in addition to joining SmackDown LIVE, Phillips will still call the action on WWE NXT every week.”

This won’t be Phillips’ first time in the booth for SmackDown, he was briefly part of the team until being replaced by Byron Saxton in 2015.

Philips discussed his removal from SD’s announce booth after it happened and said, “The way I look at it is I am young in this company and I still have a lot to learn …”

Do you think a four-man team is too much on Tuesday nights? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Missy

    They don’t need Tom on the SD announce team; in fact, they don’t even need three announcers, let alone four!! It seems to me that things worked very well, back when they had two-man announce teams of Gorilla Monsoon and (Bobby Heenan or Jesse Ventura or even Roddy Piper) or J.R. and Lawler. The last 3-man announce team I DID like was Vince, J.R., and Lawler – and come to think of it, I always thought Vince was a great announcer. Maybe that’s where he belongs now and retire from making questionable “snap” decisions about the booking / storylines, etc.