Titus O’Neil — Told Management Vince McMahon Arm Grab Was An Act of Courtesy

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“Ladies first” is a common phrase used by well-mannered men … but Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned that in the case of Titus O’Neil, those 2 words may have led to his recent suspension.

Multiple sources tell us O’Neil spoke with management following the grab on Vince McMahon‘s arm and explained he was only trying to allow Stephanie McMahon to exit the stage first.

Steph and Vince initially appear to be walking side-by-side in the video of the incident … so his explanation tracks. Plus, it appeared to be playful, as everyone pointed out from the start.

We’re told Titus claimed he was only saying “ladies first” when he tugged on Vince — with the strict intention of being polite — but understood the misunderstanding may have been perceived differently by others once it was all said and done.

O’Neil was suspended for 90 days, but hours later 30 days were cut from his punishment.

  • Shy

    My comment to titus i would tell wwe to kiss my ass an sue the shit out of vince for false act.. Vince took it too far its not like u hit him in the back of the head.. Dam u just grab his arm..so vince made that a big thing.. Titus u can be a sportsman onsports channel’s. U have enough education then to be on wwe getting hit n hurt..my opinion brother please dont apologize u are bigger than that.. U look to suing vince ass..for false act and loss of wages..

  • Botero2016

    Vinnie thinks he’s some kind of god who can walk all over the talent who makes it possible for him to live the lavish lifestyle he so enjoys. Such a douche!!!

  • subammas

    If I was a betting man, I’d say this is a work. 90 days (amended to 60) for this? If you blinked during the broadcast, you’d have missed it. Innocuous, at best. But it gives VKM the chance to be a HUGE heel again, and gives a nice guy like TO a push of sorts. Maybe not to championship level, but another story line with someone new and possibly something ‘compelling’ – VKM picking on a ‘nice guy’ (like WWE did with Danial Bryan numerous times). Throw in the ‘race’ element that many internet marks are already claiming. VKM can laugh all the way to the bank, and TO can gain some notoriety (he’s probably 2nd to Cena as far as charity and PR work goes).

    If it’s not a work, then VKM looks like an ass with no upside.

  • BurnedFrozen

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Antonio

    As much as Titus does with youth it really bothers me that he is suspended for 60-90 days just for grabbing Vince’s arm. He was suspended for “disorderly conduct”. It’s a shame if he wanted to allow Stephanie to go first. I guess Vince forgot how to treat a woman. I personally am going to stop watching WWE until he Titus comes back. I am not starting a petition, but damn, I would hope people would stop watching too. And the WWE should give more credit to those who do things besides John Cena. There are a lot of other super stars who do things for children that are on the road of trouble or sick. I like Cena but there are other’s who do great things besides him. Why aren’t they recognized?

  • http://Prowrestlingsheet Ed burris

    Not watching to he comes back.

  • LM

    In any work setting. It is frowned upon to playfully grab or shove your boss. Most especially in a public setting. So I can understand where Titus O’Neill’s actions could be seen as being unprofessional and inappropriate. However, The 60 day suspension is way too severe. The punishment didn’t fit the crime and let’s be real here. If John Cena, The Rock or HHH had done the same thing, They would not have been suspended. It’s not really a color or race thing here but more of a pecking order thing. Vince McMahon is an alpha male with a huge ego who does not like to be made to look foolish. Part of this disciplinary action has to do with Vince’s ego. What we don’t know is if the original 90 day suspension was given to Titus after he was confronted or scolded by Vince. How Titus responded when reprimanded may have contributed to his lengthy suspension. An apology by Titus a day later as seen in text form may have contributed to a reduction in the suspension. The shame of it all is any punishment should have been done quietly behind closed doors. This controversy over shadows what was one of the most celebrated and loved segments in the history of the genre.

  • Denise

    Titus O’Neil is a great civic minded athlete who is well known for giving his time to charity. So that senile egomaniac Vince thinks he’s a badass for suspending him. Nice Vince, another reason not to watch. Instead you’d rather waste fans time with jobber matches. BTW great timing doing it while showing your Black history month videos.

  • sokozed

    Vince may have his wealthy but he does not own those superstars and the funs. Are there not pipo to run wwe. . I would also rather stop watching than watch pipo with respected families being mistreated.

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  • 262man

    This is nothing new i have been watching wrestling for 35 years mcmahon does not respect any of the superstars who have made him money he put other areas out of business as well NWA AWA

  • Jonnie


  • Chyna’sDick

    VKM suspended Titus … during Black History month?

  • Fuck Vince

    “This is nothing new i have been watching wrestling for 35 years mcmahon does not respect any of the superstars who have made him money he put other areas out of business as well NWA AWA”

    Vince used his daddy’s hard-earned $$$$$$$$ to buy the talent created by the FAR-SUPERIOR promoters of the day(Gagne, Crockett, Don Owens, etc etc) in order to prop up his little Northeast circus show for a couple decades & build a rep(& $$$$$$$) cheaply off OTHERS’ talent, just to cynically ca$h it in on Wallstreet & sell it out(& the fans), and when that SUPERIOR talent(the guys who MADE Vincey Jr.) got old & moved on, we(the fans of those OLD SCHOOL “rasslers”) got left holding the bag for this current “sports entertainment” pile of EPIC DIARRHEA……TLDR: FCUK VINCE MCANUSHOLE

  • Vince smokes the bone

    Vince – WA&£er

  • Evan Hughes

    I am the only one who sees the light?? You can’t do that to your superior on a televised program. Its on TV so its story line and Vinny Mac cannot be accosted by a low level employee/wrestling character. Geez, calm down, not everything is about race… oh wait, you guys are in America so everything is about race. Pitty

    ~With love,
    We The NORTH!

  • biguglygarc

    vince is just a douche nozzle I know had to deal with him. does not matter if it is in the “script” or not vince is just a douche. he is a dirt bag business man. but what is new. evan right evan no it is a script that turns around from time to time but Capitan douche has to give his blessing so to say. I feel bad for the wrestlers that has to work for him. I am glad I never had to.

  • Anonymous

    What it shows is that Vince has done nothing but get nastier with age he is a true devil he is a racist and has broke the law on many occasions for more money he has no respect and truly believes he is above all others in reality he is simply a rich bitch who’s www Legacy will slowly decline into nothingness it is already beginning