Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy Teleport Out of Impact Wrestling … FOR GOOD! (VIDEO)

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The vessels formerly known as The Hardy Boyz were deleted from Impact Wrestling on tonight’s show … and it seems like a faulty Vanguard 1 teleport is to blame.

Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy made an appearance on Impact to battle with “Smoking Joe” and prepare for the Expedition of Gold, but their attempt at teleportation didn’t go as planned.

Instead of showing up at the intended destination, The Decay suddenly appeared with their tag belts — and their promo made it sound like they somehow intercepted the transport.

Fear not though! The Broken Hardys are NOT lost in time and space. Matt tweeted during the show to say, “What is this CHICANERY? No being can teleport without being in direct contact with the INCOMPARABLE , .”

Watch the full clip below.

  • Louis

    Interesting way to write them out.