Teddy Hart Back in Jail Over New Years Day Arrest

teddy hart back in jail legal update trial

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Teddy Hart is back in jail due to an arrest that took place on New Years Day and the wrestler says he’s “prepared to face the consequences.”

Hart was taken back into custody on November 5 ahead of his next hearing — which has been delayed for about 8 months — and it seems to be why he cancelled upcoming bookings weeks before.

As we previously reported, the Hart family member was stopped by police for a hazardous traffic violation and attempted to evade a lawful arrest. The police report also said he was intoxicated and allegedly operating a vehicle without consent of the owner.

Additional charges have been tacked on since then, but information on what exactly occurred has still been unavailable to the public because the trial hasn’t happened yet.

Teddy, through another person, tweeted saying he has a good lawyer working on the case and added, “No matter what happens I know that I have to keep my head up. I believe that god has a plan for me and I am prepared to face the consequences for my actions whatever they may be.”

  • Louis

    Such a sad story this guy has been. What AJ Styles is, Teddy should have been.

  • Jimmy Norris

    Teddy’s a loser.

    • Jason Knight

      That fuck head ripped me off … lived rent free and made me evict him destroyed my apartment, stole money and stole his.exs moms car and drove it off a bridge while high and drunk… then he got placed in jail and asked me to bail him and his dad left him high and dry.. he owes me over 7k in damages to the apartment and repairs as well as stolen funds… he left his so called friend Paul to be homeless and eating ramen and even when he got out ran to another state to avoid it all.not once has he attempted to reconcile.or help me get out of the bind he put me and my family in. I hope he gets it bad.