Teddy Hart – Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and Evading Police on New Years Day

teddy hart arrested new years day driving intoxicated evading arrest wrestling

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed with authorities that Teddy Hart was arrested on New Years Day … and the report states he attempted to get away from officers during the encounter.

According to the Arlington Police Department in Texas, the Hart family member was stopped by police for a hazardous traffic violation on January 1st and attempted to evade a lawful arrest.

It’s unclear at this point how he attempted to get away.

The police report also says he was allegedly operating a vehicle without consent of the owner and was intoxicated, so they took him into custody.

He’s currently behind bars with bail set at $6,500.

  • http://minoringinbaseball.com/ Michael David

    What’s wrong with this guy? So much wasted talent. No way WWE will give him yet another chance while he keeps screwing up. Entertaining interview with Jericho last week, though.

  • Kenneth J Joyce

    Another talented wrestler who was too stupid to use his talents and abilities in the ring And hopefully hell learn before its too late and is able to salvage whats left of his career ,Lets hope so for his sake. that he finds some company thats willing to give him another chance and that he wont screw that up at all again.Good luck Teddy Hart !