Talking Smack Will No Longer Air Weekly

talking smack cancelled no longer weekly series post ppv

Pour one out for Talking Smack … because the WWE Network show will no longer air weekly.

WWE released a statement saying, “We continuously review WWE Network’s programming based on a variety of factors, including viewership and subscriber research. Talking Smack and Raw Talk will air following pay-per-view events, and Tuesday will continue to feature 205 Live.

Between the hosting of Daniel Bryan and Renee Young, as well as the weekly wild moments with guys like The Miz and Kevin Owens, the show will be dearly missed by fans.

As for Renee, who was seemingly moved to SD Live to host Talking Smack, tweeted saying she wasn’t given a heads up by WWE and learned of the news online like everybody else.

The news was first reported by PWInsider.

Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you’ll miss most.

  • Louis

    I am guessing budget reason as well.

    • LastKingofHollywood

      What budget reasons? The talent is already there and the cameras are already set up. Talking Smack has to be the absolute cheapest show they run. The only complaint from talent about the show is that they had to stay at the arena an extra hour after 205 live finished. This show helped talent get over. It’s a wild mistake. They cancelled the wrong show.

      • Louis

        Probably having to pay production crew overtime to work. Cheap show to produce yes. But still have to foot the bill for the show.

        • LastKingofHollywood

          I work in Hollywood/film, brother. The cost of creating and producing talking smack on a weekly basis is so negligible, it’s not even funny. Literally all of the overhead for running a show is already paid for by running smackdown. You’re talking (literally) a couple hundred bucks at most. And meanwhile, most of the crew is already there anyway because they’re striking the set and/or running shoots for .com

          That show is the least expensive thing WWE puts out by a landslide.

  • Louis

    205 is next to be cancelled.

  • Alexa Bliss

    i hardly ever watchd it anyway

  • Brent B.

    No one should be upset because Vince listens to us and knows what we want-another example of his genius at work. Naming PPV’s with songs from 50 years ago and taking away possibly their most entertaining show (which should register most guys and girls do better without written out promos like all the old timers say over and over) is par for the course sadly.
    I get Vince has come up with some great stuff, but listening to various podcasts it comes out he has come up with just as much junk al through the years.
    He needs to actually listen to the fans and stop thinking he knows best when he clearly does not alot of the time.