Renee Young Reacts to Talking Smack Change, Says She’s ‘Really Disappointed’

talking smack renee young reacts disappointed cancelled cancellation

Talking Smack host Renee Young is clearly bummed about the show being moved to a once a month affair … and she opened up about it after receiving┬áthe unfortunate news.

Young tweeted, “Really disappointed about . We tried to make that show great. Guess I’ll go back to welcoming my guest at this time.”

As we previously reported, the backstage interviewer wasn’t given a heads up beforehand and learned of the news on Twitter like everyone else. Turns out Daniel Bryan learned the same way.

The show isn’t going away full-time though. WWE says it’ll still be on after PPVs.

To help cheer yourself up, enjoy this video of Sweet Beetz.

  • SpanishAnnounceTable

    The one time WWE has something good going and they cancel it. It’s as if they don’t want to do something cool. :-/

  • Sameer Thaver

    Why would they do something like this??? I guess the WWE has to join in the trend with the networks out there being that when the viewers enjoy a particular series… the networks feel they have license to cancel them… been thrown through too many tables I guess? They should know things don’t work that way… opposite direction guys! If viewers like a show.. it IS supposed to stay.

    • Mark Kausch

      It’s not like it’s a new trend. It’s been that way since TV went on the air.

    • Will Henderson

      it was a combo or decreasing ratings (thanks to the failure that is 205 Live and the fact people tune out before Talking Smack comes on, and the bad after 205 live time-slot), being a show that goes “off script” (so many famous moments off that show was due to it going off the script and being improvised), and recent budgets cuts due to WWE losing cash on a combo of cord cutters, fans dissatisfied by the current WWE product and people financially not recovered from the late 2000s recession and being gun-shy about spending money. (it’s the reason why WWE ditched the pyro recently and maybe releasing talents in the near future as we all know with past budget cuts comes layoffs and WWE talent releases are pretty much WWE laying off some employees, release sounds better then saying the term “Laying Off”). and not to mention, WWE don’t care for it’s fans, they care for the shareholders and keeping advertisers and TV networks happy.