Lucha Underground Trolls WrestleMania 33 With Snapchat Filter at Camping World Stadium

snapchat lucha underground wrestlemania 33 camping world stadium

WWE might have a partnership with Snapchat, but that didn’t stop Lucha Underground from taking advantage of a unique opportunity to do some trolling at Camping World Stadium.

Multiple people attending WrestleMania 33 passed along word that Snapchat currently features a filter (seen below) which advertises that their show is now available on Netflix.

It also seems like service at the stadium is spotty, so it hasn’t show up for everyone.

Snapchat and WWE inked a multi-year partnership last year that kicked off before Mania, so we’re guessing whoever approved this advertisement didn’t realize LU was a competing wrestling company.

Sneaky move, Dario. Very, sneaky.

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