Impact Wrestling Once Again Ditches Six-Sided Ring for Upcoming Tapings

six-sided ring impact no more upcoming tapings don callis scott d'amore

The six-sided ring is no more at Impact Wrestling (at least for now) … as the company revealed today that they’ll once again be using a traditional four-sided ring.

Impact tweeted a picture of the new ring with a caption saying “see it here first,” even though wrestler Taiji Ishimori posted one hours before showing something they left out — a giant Twitch logo on the ring skirt, seen in the photo above.

No word on whether the two companies have struck a deal, but we’ve reached out to representatives on both sides and will update you once more information becomes available.

For those unaware, the set of tapings that begin tonight are the first since Don Callis and Scott D’Amore were named as Executive Vice Presidents of Impact Wrestling.

Should be interesting to see what other changes are made.

UPDATE: A rep for Twitch had no comment.

  • DocOfHuganomics

    Maybe they have something going on with Twitch

    • Puppy

      This would be a good move .:)

  • Louis

    Doesn’t bother me either way. 4 sides, 6 sides. If the wrestling is great, no one will care how many sides the ring is.

  • Louis

    Ring looks really small.

    • Puppy

      Unfortunately. The ring is smaller, they never used a big ring. In my opinion a bigger ring makes the product look much better but it is what it is.. Please PRAY to Jesus to help IMPACT Wrestling grow in the Year 2018 and to turn their fortunes around…:)

      • Corwin Brown

        Dude it ain’t that serious to be praying about it!

    • Puppy

      Lets hope IMPACT gets new titles designs that moves them away from GFW

      • Meaurysse

        It’s in process, Impact Wrestling will present new titles belts in april 2018

    • Puppy

      PLEASE PRAY for Ava Storie to get a push at IMPACT Wrestling 🙂

    • oknazevad

      It’s the 18 ft x 18 ft size ring that pretty much everyone except WWE uses. Same size as ROH.

  • Meaurysse

    Now its official…. TNA is really dead !

    R.I.P TNA ! And fuck that owl !!!