The Rock’s Daughter Has Started Training at the WWE Performance Center

simone johnson training wrestling wrestle the rock daughter wwe performance center

The Rock‘s daughter looks to be joining the family business sooner than expected … as Pro Wrestling Sheet can confirm Simone Johnson is training on a part-time basis at the WWE Performance Center. 

In the latest episode of Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Zelina Vega talked about becoming close with Simone Johnson and revealed the 17-year-old has been training at the PC in Orlando.

Zelina detailed working closely with The Rock during the filming of “Fighting with My Family” and how Simone gave her the ultimate compliment following a shoot at The Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Vega says Johnson told her, “I knew I wanted to start wrestling for sure where I saw you at RAW doing the movie. ”

Sources tell Pro Wrestling Sheet Simone has been training part-time at the PC for the past few months, mainly just occasional sessions with trainers, but there’s word going around that she’ll be starting at the facility in a more serious manner in the near future. Since she’s still in high school, it’s safe to assume that factors into her schedule.

Back in November of last year, Simone spoke about being interested in the business. At the time, she said she hoped to give it a try following graduation from college.

“It’s a sport that is unlike anything else in the world. There’s just a certain amount of passion that every move and match requires, and that’s so admirable. It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and want to pursue,” Simone said.

“The Great One” later came out in support of his daughter pursing sports entertainment, saying she’d be a future champion in the business. 

We’ve reached out to representatives for The Rock and will report back if any additional information is made available.

You can listen to Zelina’s comments around the 1:17 mark of the podcast by clicking here.

  • Louis

    She’s kind of cute if you ignored the fact that she looks like The Rock with long hair.

    • Theo Dious

      I’ve been saying similar about Natalya for years.

      • Edward Blake

        That Natty looks like the Rock in the Scorpion King?

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          Lol Follow the reply line bro.

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            I dunno, she kind of favors him in the SK. 😛 J/K Nattie is fine as frogs hair.

    • HokageX

      So she looks like him in the scorpion king?

  • Louis

    All kidding aside, I’ll give her a chance to see what she turns into in the future. At first I hated Charlotte because she got a WWE job based on who her father was. But now I love her and she is my favorite.

  • burning_justice

    All but guaranteed future womens champion

    • Theo Dious

      It’s hers if she wants it.

  • Louis
  • Theo Dious

    Charlotte vs The Rockette for WM40.

  • Robert Ostrowski

    I can see the mixed tag match at WrestleMania, the Rock and his daughter, Pebble.

  • enviroman63

    You know What I really don’t Care What she decides to do

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    She can be the after photo in the universe where Nia Jax works out and isn’t obese anymore.

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    She’ll have a lot to live up to.