Simon Gotch Has a New Name Following WWE Release

simon gotch new name grimm wwe release

Now that he’s no longer with the company, recently released WWE wrestler Simon Gotch has a new name — and it’s very “grimm.”

Gotch debuted his store on Pro Wrestling Tees this week and is now selling two different designs which feature the new ring alias, Simon Grimm.

As we previously reported, WWE agreed to release the wrestler from his contract earlier this month. Still no word on his plans for the future, but with a new name it looks like he’s planning to continue working in the wrestling industry.

As for the shirts, his three designs can all be FOUND HERE.

  • ricodol74

    he is a dangerous wrestler, allready several wrestling moves goes wrong with him in the ring…. he better develop his communication skills with other wrestlers in the ring, if not he will certainly injure someone even wurs then Enzo last time

  • Louis

    Average look, mediocre wrestler. Attitude problem. WWE did the right thing dumping this guy.

    • borogirl54

      From what I understand, he and Aiden English did not get along.

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    no more Gooch