Sid Vicious Cancels Indie Booking, Allegedly Claimed Trump Travel Ban Was The Cause

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Wrestling legend Sid Vicious cancelled an indie booking this morning, just hours before the show, and allegedly cited President Donald Trump‘s travel ban as the cause.

Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland had been hyping tonight’s appearance for weeks, but sadly revealed on social media this afternoon that he was no longer coming.

The company explained, “Sid claimed Donald Trump’s travel ban prevented him from boarding his flight to Cleveland this morning because of an unpaid speeding ticket and he claimed this is new government policy since he didn’t have his passport even though he was traveling within the United States and is a United States Citizen.”

“We recorded his cancelation call just so there is proof of all this and we we will do our best to play the audio tonight or on a future episode of our podcast.” The company continued, “We apologize to all of the fans who were excited to meet Sid tonight and unfortunately this is something 100% out of our control. We invested quite a bit of money in this appearance and we have now lost out on close to $1,000 we will never get back on airline tickets, hotels, and merchandise we had made for Sid.”

As consolation, former WWE star Swoggle agreed to do the meet and greet instead.

  • Dumpalot Apops

    That’s a kick in balls, you go to meet sid and get swoggle instead.

  • Ed


  • Lenoh

    “So because I failed to pay my debts and get a passport in this post-9/11 world I can’t travel!”

    Go break your leg again, you pube-haired has-been.

    • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

      Death be upon Trump @rsehole

      • Lenoh

        What does any of this have to do with Trump?

        • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

          The Psycho veteran blamed the oligarchy’s puppet ~ Trump’s unfair travel ban policy.

          I’m just going on Psycho Sid’s words that he couldn’t show up at the wrestling event because of the bigot’s racist travel ban policy

  • TransJinderMahal

    Feed him to Goldberg again. Then make him do top rope double axe handles until we get leg snap 2.0. I remember seeing that live when it aired. They cut that shit outta the replay. Glad i had ye olde VCR going.

  • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

    Disappointing news about Psycho Sid and his remaining fans.

    Would be better if the editor would’ve provided further details about how this new N@💤¡ policy will affect flight travel in the American territory as well as overseas