Shad Gaspard — Heroic Surveillance Footage Released by Police (VIDEO)

shad gaspard video surveillance footage gas station robbery gun police cops

Pro Wrestling Sheet has obtained surveillance footage that shows ex-WWE star Shad Gaspard dominating a man who threatened him with an air-soft gun this weekend — and the video is epic!

As we first reported, Gaspard was approached at a gas station in Florida on Saturday by a man who spoke rudely to him and things quickly escalated into the guy pulling a BB-gun from his waist belt.

Watch the video, you’ll see how the rest of it went down. And remember, the man told Shad he was gonna rob the place. Plus, Gaspard had no idea it wasn’t a real gun until afterward.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the criminal has been released from jail.

Good thing videos like this stay on the internet forever.

  • ryan satin

    Shad Gaspard is such a bad ass! I love it.

  • I am smarter than you!

    Ass kicker!