Seth Rollins — Back in the Ring, Training Multiple Times a Week

seth rollins training again brace off injury injured wwe champion

The return of Seth Rollins is getting closer … sources tell Pro Wrestling Sheet that The Architect is once again training in a wrestling ring — but the former Champ is making sure to play it safe.

Our sources say Rollins has been working in the ring without a brace at his Black and Brave Wrestling Academy in Illinois, usually multiple times a week, but he’s cautious about leg involvement and plays it safe by icing his knee after every training session.

Seth was injured back in November and shortly after underwent reconstructive knee surgery.  It was projected he’d be out for 6-9 months at the time, and 4 months of that have already passed.

Could Rollins pull a John Cena-like move and return from injury early?  Only time will tell.

  • http://None Justin Mars Jr.

    REALLY……FAKE…..just like all the other rumours sites. Thought you only report facts and not rumours…….busted. I am actually friends with Seth since high school days. And I actually work at his camp and he has been there but has not been in the ring at all. And that’s a fact.

    • I

      What a retard.

    • Anonymous

      Waaaaa Waaaaa he’s my friend waa

    • Jimmy

      I’m more inclined to believe the bullshit dirtsheet lie rather than the lie of some random commenter.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure Seth really appreciates your disclosure of his personal whereabouts if you actually were his friend.

    • Barack Obama

      Seth is my son, he is running for President disguised as Bernie Sanders. Please stop spreading lies.

    • Anonymous

      who are u? You dont really know seth

      • wwefan


  • Totally for reals Seth’s friend

    No,no,no. I am really Seth’s friend. And I know for a fact that he has been working in the ring, but it’s been at TNA tapings as Suicide.

  • Dankey Kang

    What do you all know? Seth is my uncle. He’s been with me here in Alaska the whole time. Shameful journalism.

    • Anonymous

      when will seth return to wwe?

  • Revenge of the Seth

    Oh… I’m afraid Seth Rollins knee will be quite operational… when Wrestlemania arrives…


    • know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows this guys cousin that had a dog that belonged to this girl who knew a guy that knew seth rollins

      Funniest Comment Ever.

  • Seth

    I am Seth Rollins and I am signing with NJPW next week. WWE sucks.

    • wwefan

      Stop acting like seth!!!!!!!!!! It’s really annoying!!!!

  • Sure

    Let’s hope he returns soon, Rollins is sorely missed and desperately needed back

  • Keith

    We don’t need him back yet let Roman have the title for a while

    • wwefan

      WE DO NEED HIM!!!!! WEll at least to keep the place running in the right direction if you know what i mean.Think about it, when seth was injured the placed went crazy in a bad way but when he was ok and on team authority the place was not as bad as now.

    • Stinky Star

      Nice Try ROMAN!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Fuck the WWE fuck all the wrestlers I’m done with that bullshit Sr suck my 10 inch cock

    • Seth boy

      Fuck you anonymous wwe is the best and if you think its not I got 2 words for ya Suck It. p.s he 1 is in the wrong spot.

    • Stinky Star

      10 Inch Cock???? Wait….. Is this HULK HOGAN?

  • Showtime

    Push Big Show!!!!

  • Manicmedic

    Anonymous, I think you added a zero in the wrong place there.

  • Seth boy

    This is real Seth will pull a jhin cena and will be at wrestlemainia

    • wwefan

      You ain’t seth!And why does everybody think they’re seth?Or at least acting like it!Seth can spell way better than you!!!!

  • Cuda


  • Cuda

    Niki Bella has a great rack

  • FollowTheRavens

    Did no one realize that anon guys 10 inch thing was a jab at Hulk Hogan? Maybe it’s just me then. Follow-up on Hogan’s vs Gawker case.

  • Ray Renninger

    I’m the doctor who did his knee surgery !!!! He’s recovering faster than expected . He should be back for wrestle mania just in time to turn on triple H!!! The shield is back !!! U herd it here ..Dr Moe Howard

  • Iammimichelles

    You guys are trippy …. lol

  • aza

    Seth will return at wretlemania, he has that sort of attitude, hes the best and will show u all on April 3rd!!

  • leshani shakeera gamage

    Hello seth Rollins you are best player

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