Eva Marie Not Returning to Total Divas Next Season, Producers Interviewing Potential Replacements

eva marie total divas

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Eva Marie will NOT be returning to Total Divas for season seven — and producers have been interviewing her potential replacements.

Multiple sources have confirmed that production is hard at work interviewing the female roster to determine the new cast member before filming begins next month.

We’re told Charlotte and a handful of others are among the women they’ve spoken with.

It’s unclear if Paige will continue to appear on the show, but our sources say original cast members Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Natalya and Naomi are a lock.

Eva was last seen on the show’s finale dealing with her Wellness violation suspension.

Could the “All Red Everything” era soon be over in WWE as well? Time will tell.

  • xxxRex16xxx

    You’re “Insider” sources told you this?

    • Felix


  • Maira Malik

    Renee in the show or not ?

  • Maira Malik

    Tell me please please please

  • sinfulli sweet

    As if we all didn’t see this coming already…..well I hope they keep Maryse and Miz on the show I actually enjoy them on the show. Renee was OK but I’m sure Dean is not a big fan of being on the show and Lana was just too whiny for me. I don’t see Charlotte doing the show or any of the four horsewomen – the only others I can think who they would replace her with is maybe Dana Brooke just to get her more into the spotlight and Carmella.

  • John Lemay

    Get rid of the bellas

    • Part Timer


  • Part Timer

    damn, shes the only one worth looking at

  • Louis

    Nice knockers.

    • tommyboy44

      They’re so nice, they’re blinding…

  • Part Timer

    i wish the Bellas would go away. Neither of them are around now, and they are the least interesting/most annoying

    • Geoffrey

      Brie just got a kid –‘

      • Part Timer

        Naw really?!!!!Where did she get it

        • Geoffrey

          I don’t know if you’re trolling or not

          • Part Timer

            Definitely trolling your poor grammar

          • Geoffrey

            Nice, i’ll have you know that Englsih is not my first language ^^

          • Part Timer

            Me neither. It’s not even my second.

          • Geoffrey


    • Jenna Starr

      It’s never going to happen, The Bellas are always going to be on the show and both are going to be making a return by the end of this year. Lana and Renee are annoying. Dean seems like he could careless about the show. Noami and Jimmy need to be kept on the show.

  • Litten

    This is old news because it has been widely reported several weeks ago the WWE were not renewing Eva Marie’s contract so obviously she was to be dropped from Total Divas. Eva was least intersting of all the participants & most insecure. Having her on the show was a favor to the Rock whose ex wife / manager manages Eva.

    As far as the Bella’s the show was created to show case them & spotlight the other Divas. Not only are they going nowhere but at least Nikki, who is listed as an Executive Producer, owns part of the show. Both Bellas are listed as executive producers of Total Bellas. The two have their own YouTube channel & several other ventures that generate $$$$ for WWE.

  • THAT guy

    I cant wait till this show is cancelled. Seriously who watches this?

  • Arnav Biswas

    Eva was probably the only one worth watching in the show. So with her gone I guess its time to say “hasta la vista, baby” to the show.