Sara Lee — ‘Tough Enough’ Winner RELEASED from WWE Contract

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Tough Enough Season 6 winner Sara Lee has been released from her WWE contract.

Pro Wrestling Sheet┬áhas learned Sara received the news on Friday, but there’s no word at this point on why she was cut from the company.

Lee beat out 7 other women last year to earn a $250,000 contract. She debuted at an NXT live event in March, but hasn’t been used much since.

Runner-up Mandy Rose, who the trainers clearly wanted to win, was instantly signed to a deal and given a role on Total Divas. She’s since made multiple appearances on NXT programming.

All eyes are now on The Yeti to make the most recent season of Tough Enough mean something.

  • El Tigre

    That sucks, she was actually awesome.

  • Magnus

    She has just revealed that she’s expecting a child with Wesley Blake.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the trainers wanted Mandee, there creeps, s/o to Patrick for getting his shit going, the yetti is kind of a lemon to be honest

  • Rick Smith classic

    It’s a shame. Not to many people from those shows make it.

  • Chris

    She was actually good compared to the jealous obnoxious runner up

  • Dexter Sixx

    So that means Tough Enoughs greatest success story would be The Miz…followed of course by Maven….

  • BK

    What’s the point of even having that show in an audience participation format when the audience’s opinion means absolutely nothing? They had no intention of even using the winner and instead handed over the deal on a silver platter to the fakest, most conceited, biggest b**ch on the show. MR being the “chosen one” was obviously planned from the moment they brought her back. I feel so sorry for Sara Lee. I hope they at least paid her contract out.

    • Adrian C.

      EXACTLY! It’s all Hollywood.

  • Alex

    That means Tough Enoughs greatest success story

  • Sara

    she actually Hot.

  • John

    They sign Mandy because she is hot and fits the fitness cover magazines.

  • WWE

    Lee beat out 7 other women last year to earn a $250,000 contract “that Amazing”

  • Anonymous

    She had NO talent in the ring and a boring personality. At least Mandy could wrestle and consistently gets heat. The winners of Tough Enough should be chosen by judges, NOT the audience b/c the audience will never pick a heel….no matter how much better they are in the ring….and honestly that IS what counts.