Sami Callihan Has Taken Over CZW Creative Team

czw sami callihan creative team combat zone wrestling

A new generation of CZW is kicking off … and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Sami Callihan recently took over their creative team to help lead them into the future.

Sources tell us Callihan and his team will be handling creative/promotional decisions from now on, while CZW Prez DJ Hyde will focus on managing all the back-end business aspects of the company.

The company has long been known for promoting death matches, something that was covered last year in a popular Vice documentary, and stuff like Tournament of Death/Cage of Death will still be happening — but we’re told they’ll no longer be featured as the forefront of the company.

CZW’s new generation kicked off this weekend after independent wrestlers Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Lio Rush won the company’s top two titles.

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  • Doctor Professor Richard Togo

    This is Sami over-extending himself. Either his physical career will suffer or that of his own promotion.

  • THAT guy

    Well hopefully its better than his in ring career because he is such garbage. Never did like Jericho Jr.
    CZW is way past its prime. They were awesome 5 years ago. Now its just crap.

  • Chris Redden

    They never really say which direction they are trying to go in. I guess it’s a wait and see situation. Sami is an awesome talent so hopefully that can help guide some good creative decisions.

  • Louis

    The chubby CM Punk.

  • Brian

    I attended last week’s CZW show on the strength of Zack Sabre Jr. being booked. Not only did he have a fantastic match with David Starr, and not only did the CZW crowd give Zack and the match a great reception, but the show overall I felt was a strong effort. That show and the change in creative intrigues me to attend more shows. I know Sami has booked some stuff in the past, but I’ve never seen any of it.