Sam Roberts Says Bianca Belair Rant Was NOT Scripted, Post-Event “Conversation” Occurred

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Twitter lit up during the NXT TakeOver pre-show after Sam Roberts ranted about Bianca Belair on Saturday night … and the situation was addressed on his latest podcast. 

In case you missed it, Roberts told the pre-show panelists Bianca was not worthy of a spot at a TakeOver event and not an elite athlete like past NXT Women’s Champions.

“WWE invites me to those kickoff shows and they ask me to give my opinion on things,” Sam explained on his show while discussing the moment.

“On Saturday night, I was not fed an opinion in my ear — I know that’s one of the theories. I have never been fed an opinion in my ear. They wouldn’t bring me to give their opinion — I’m no good at that. I go on, they ask me to be me and give my opinion. I had a crisis of conscience. In that moment, I felt like I was just going along with the show, so I decided to say exactly how I felt in that moment.”

Adding, “I certainly will not be apologizing to Bianca Belair because my opinion is my opinion.”

As for whether backstage officials were unhappy with his comments, Roberts said: “There were people after the show who had conversations with me about the way I said what I said, but the fact is that I said what I said, so it kind of is what it is.”

“Was everybody thrilled with it? No. That’s what I mean about having conversations, but those are, again, maybe things that I don’t exactly want to get into at this moment. However, we’ll see how things go as we move forward.” 

The full episode can be FOUND HERE

Listen to the clip below. (h/t to WrestleYard for the transcription)

  • Steve McCroskey

    Methinks someone’s trying hard to get fired?

  • Earle Preston

    Maybe with some luck he won’t be at the next Takeover.

  • DeeLee

    His opinion is trash

  • Bringthenoise

    Well he was right, not sure what the fuss is about. It’s okay to critique black people without being racist and it’s okay to critique women without being sexist. Honestly not sure how some people survive in the real world.

    • Nightcrawler

      Your comment is racist and sexist!!! You can not critique anyone now days… Unless it’s a white male then feel free to.

  • Thomas Jenkins

    he’s right. sure some of the women’s champs have ultimately been duds, but for the most part, blair is not even close to their level. could she get there with some hard work? sure, but she isn’t there yet.

  • Anthony Vernon

    Now I wonder if her comments on NXT were a work or for real.

  • Mary Hutchings

    Race should NEVER have been brought into this and it angers me it has. So a white guy is not allowed to offer his opinion on why a black wrestler doesn’t deserve the place on Takeover? She’s not that great and there are more deserving wrestlers who should have got the match, but to say Sam was being racist? Same as the idiots who call you sexist because you didn’t like the Ghostbusters reboot

  • ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ – WGU

    What he said went above & beyond stating his opinion when he acts like he knows more than to Triple H, Regal & the coaching staff by saying she shouldn’t be on TakeOver

  • Trevor Curtis

    Sam Roberts hasa face for radio, and a voice that makes Pauly Shore sound like Patrick Stewart. He’s the Vince Russo of the commentary team. He somehow ended up on this broadcast after years of annoying Jim Norton fans.Also, anyone notice that he didn’t say this about any other women wrestlers who are way worse, like Iconics or Rousey? Oh, that’s right, those are white girls.

    • j l

      Rousey is already better in the ring than bianca. The iiconics arent good, but they arent being booked for title matches either, are they?

      Bianca is not ready for NXT takeover title matches, and the match vs baszler showed that to be the truth.

      Cry more about racism, sam was right, end of story.

    • Joshua Bryan Farley

      You’re an idiot

  • ProWrestlingFan

    I think she is really green, but so is Shayna and to me it just wasn’t that great of a match. Saying that I see much potential in Bianca, if she keeps working she can be very good. Still don’t like the hair gimmick though.

  • fat cakes

    My only issue is the “not a great athlete ” part,when she’s the most athletic woman on the roster. As far as deserving her spot his opinion has merit.

  • Justin Gadison

    I don’t believe race had anything to do with it but I do think someone told him to go in that direction

  • Louis

    Sam Roberts is a moron. Just get rid of that guy.