The Big Guy — I’m Legally Changing My Name to Ryback, Here’s the Proof! (PHOTO)

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has obtained proof that Ryback is in the process of legally changing his name, but court officials say the request hasn’t been approved quite yet.

The Big Guy announced the name news on his podcast today, saying he’s changing it to Ryback Allen Reeves and is just waiting for a judge’s approval.

The wrestler went on to explain his decision saying “It was one thing that I did not own and I created and I used before my time with WWE. And it is something that is associated with my brand, and who I am, that I am very proud of.”

The legal process to change one’s name is interesting. The petitioner must publish an announcement in a local newspaper three weeks in a row before the court can approve — and Pro Wrestling Sheet obtained one of the ads Reeves ran last month in the Nevada Law News publication.

While recording the podcast, Ryback said the name would be his before their show was released … but court officials tell us the request hasn’t been signed off on by a judge at this point in time.

FUN FACT: Ryback isn’t the first former WWE Superstar to make his ring name legal … Ultimate Warrior changed his to Warrior after leaving the company in 1992.

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  • Anonymous

    I literally laugh out loud every time I see this guy’s face loll what a joke

  • Alex Kelly

    Changing your legal name. That’s some dedication. That’s carny af.

  • Mateo Juan

    I have never seen a wrestler be such a mark for himself with such little talent. Strong, yes. Stiff in the ring, yes. Awful on the mic, yes. Overrated as fuck, YES YES YES!!! Just go away Mr. Reeves and take Bret Harts overrated ass with you. While Bret was great in the ring, listening to him try and cut a promo was painful, really painful. Now we have to hear him critic guys who unlike him have the whole package: the look, the promo and the ability. Bret was fun to watch wrestle but nothing else. Yet he knocks guys like Rollins, HHH and others. He could not carry HHH’s jock with a duffle bag. “Ryback cant wrestle at all”