Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are the New Raw Tag Team Champions (VIDEO)

bobby roode chad gable raw tag team champions video win

The Authors of Pain’s title reign has been cut short, as Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are the new Raw tag team champs.

After getting ambushed on Raw last week, the recent pairing of Roode and Gable were placed into a two-on-three handicap match this week for the tag team titles against AOP and Drake Maverick. 

AOP seemingly had the win secured, but Maverick demanded a tag-in so he could get the pinfall. He then delayed things by taunting his opponent, which Bobby took advantage of by rolling Drake into a crucifix for the win.

After winning the titles, Charly Caruso interviewed the pair backstage and both said only one word described how they felt — GLORIOUS!

Watch how it all unfolded below. 

  • Louis

    At least they are doing something with both of them. It is hilarious, though. On Impact, they only made him mostly a tag team guy which he was very good at; Roode also had a good run as world champion but he was a better tag team wrestler.

    Here int he WWE, where fans and Roode himself said he was going to go because he was bored being in TNA. Would do they do with him? They make him into a tag team again. So, much for WWE fanboys saying Roode was going to be pushed to the moon. WWE realizes that Roode is a better tag team wrestler than singles guy.

    • Stoner Troll 4:20
      • Mother Lover AKA Chad

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        • Stoner Troll 4:20

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          Go and check the other postings on here. He just can’t get enough of good ole Stoner. He blocked me, but can’t stop talking about me. I hurt his feelings in real life so much to the point that he had deactivated his Louis account and hopped into his others. I mean shit that guy is nuts

    • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

      I see a lot of pining for Storm to sign and reform Beer Money… But, honestly, Roode and Gable is a good pairing. Chad was lost post Alpha. Now he has something to do and a vet to learn from.

  • Louis

    Feels so nice and peaceful to freely comment without having to see a troll. All I keep seeing is: