Ronda Rousey Royal Rumble Update

ronda rousey royal rumble mile 22 filming bogota columbia

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned information that sheds some light on what every wrestling fan currently wants to know — will Ronda Rousey appear in the WWE women’s Royal Rumble?

For those unaware, Ronda is set to star in a movie with Mark Wahlberg called Mile 22 — which began filming last month in Atlanta — and sources tell us the crew is scheduled to resume filming for an extended period of time in Colombia after the holidays are over.

The location information was confirmed by a crew member, who posted an Instagram picture this week with the caption, “See you in a couple of weeks #bogota hope you’re ready for us to #lightthetiresup #mile22.”

We were unable to confirm when filming concludes in Bogota, but one source says it is after the Rumble … which would make an appearance on January 28 in Philadelphia difficult.

In addition, we’re told an actual deal hasn’t been hammered out yet. And while WWE has informed Rousey’s team of their interest in her for the future, we’re told it’s unlikely she’ll make an appearance at the Rumble unless an actual deal is signed beforehand.

For what it’s worth though, our sources say something could always be worked out at the final hour to pull off a big surprise. So keep your fingers crossed!

  • dcruz87

    fingers crossed there’s no deal signing.

  • Louis

    Don’t do it, Ronda. WWE sucks.

    • fashionvalley

      Ronda and WWE will make BIG $’s for each other and Ronda will coast into the movies big time…

  • fashionvalley

    I like Ronda and believe she can help WWE! Finally, a NEW storyline…

  • Azar Abbas

    Asuka Vs Ronda Rousey.. book it for WM34 already..!