WATCH: Ronda Rousey Wins Debut Match in WWE

ronda rousey wins debut match wrestlemania 34

Ronda Rousey wrestled her debut match at WrestleMania 34 and the former UFC fighter proved she can hang in WWE.

Rousey shut down everyone doubting she could go in the ring when the “Rowdy” one and Kurt Angle took on The Authority. — as shown in the video below.

Check out the highlights then sound off in the comments.

  • Louis

    Dave Meltzer called this a great match and said Ronda had the best wrestling debut in long time that he can remember. If Meltzer is giving her props, then I will automatically assume this was great.

    Good for Ronda, she needed this to be good. And it was more than good according to Dave.

  • Louis

    Just finished watching Team Ronda vs Team Stephanie. Fun as hell. Ronda looked was amazing. She looked intense, put out some cool moves, crowd loved her. Great match. I actually agree with Meltzer for once.

    • #WOKEN Lou DiFigliano

      Yeah, this was pretty much the last match on the card worth watching. It was fun. Had a lot of spots and put everyone over. They protected Ronda’s weaknesses and told a good story.