ROH Planning Madison Square Garden Show

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Madison Square Garden is known as home territory for WWE … but if a Sinclair Broadcast exec is to be believed, ROH is making a play for the famous venue.

Sinclair Broadcast Group CEO Chris Ripley spoke with the Baltimore Business Journal about Ring of Honor expanding and explained that the company is taking advantage of a “very passionate fanbase” by beginning to run shows in larger venues.

This includes plans for a show in Madison Square Garden next year. 

Ripley isn’t directly quoted saying it, but the article is written as though the move was spawned by the success of All In and WWE’s reported billion dollar deal in the works at Fox.

No exact date was given for the show, nor any additional details, but a move like this would definitely be surprising since WWE has had a stranglehold on the venue for so long.

According to PWInsider, venue officials are unhappy with WWE for leaving them out in the cold in regards to WrestleMania week activities next year when the show runs at Barclays. Because of this, they’ve started talking to other companies — including AAA

  • ナルトファン

    Can AAA and ROH afford to pay MSG’s expensive rent?

    • נתנאל בן שושן

      ROH yes Sincler is very rich company like WWE but the problem unlike ALL IN the biggest event ROH has done is 5000 so i dont know how they can full more 20K crowd? it wiil be interesting

    • Todd Ball

      Apparently the real costly aspect of using MSG is for broadcasted events which is why even WWE typically runs house shows there at this point. I dunno why, but the rent is significantly higher for a live broadcast. ROH is typically taped, but if they wanted to use it for a ppv or something then I’d imagine Sinclair would shell out.

  • Louis

    That’s a downgrade for MSG. No way roh could sell that place out. It could be that they will do a show at The Theatre.

    Still, pretty evident how much of a douchebag MSG/Knicks owner Jim Dolan is. That the WWE is content doing shows at other places and not in the “prestigious” MSG anymore.

    • zermit

      MSG hasn’t really sold out a WWE show in awhile, given i’ve gone to most recent ones