Robbie E Talks Impact Departure and Future Plans on Wrestling Sheet Radio

robbie e wrestling sheet radio impact

Former X-Division champion Robbie E was a guest on Wrestling Sheet Radio this week to discuss his recent departure from Impact, as well as his plans for the future.

When asked about his exit, Robbie — real name Rob Strauss — said he asked for his release because he hadn’t been used much in the past year, but held no ill will towards Impact.

TNA for me was life changing. It really was. Best seven years of my life. So much has went on. It gave me opportunities to be on reality shows and freakin’ travel the world and do so much cool stuff. So I’ll never have a bad anything in me about TNA.”

When it comes to his future though, Robbie said he was definitely making plans and that we should be expecting to see a lot of him in the indies, joking, “Typical guy that just left the company. Y’know, hashtag ‘Big things in the works.’”

Listen to the clip HERE or the full episode featuring our usual discussion of the top stories below.