WATCH: Ricochet Reacts to Surprise NXT Appearance from Tyler Breeze

tyler breeze ricochet nxt appearance match reaction video

Tyler Breeze made an appearance on NXT this evening and his opponent Ricochet had nothing but praise afterward for “Prince Pretty.”

In a exclusive, Ricochet spoke with Sarah Schreiber about how he wasn’t expecting to face-off against the WWE star. He then noted how Breeze is “one of the best and he showed that tonight.”

For those who missed it, Tyler answered an open challenge from the NXT North American champ on the latest episode of NXT. The two wrestled a competitive match that ended with Ricochet winning. 

While this would appear to be one-off appearance, Triple H has talked about how he’d like to utilize main roster talent not being used by putting them on NXT TV. Breeze would most-certainly seem to fit this criteria, as he unfortunately hasn’t had much screen time since Fandango got injured.

Watch the interview below.