Rich Swann Booked for Event Called “All Violence is Legal” … Promotion Changes Name Due to Backlash

rich swann all violence is legal pcw ultra name change

Former WWE star Rich Swann was booked on a show titled “All Violence is Legal,” but the name has now been changed due to backlash from fans over the connection that could be made to his arrest. 

PCW Ultra in Los Angeles made the announcement yesterday about their July 27 event and the replies were less than favorable since Swann was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence earlier this year. As you may recall, the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The name of the event had nothing to do with Rich — it reflects the main event — but the insensitive connection left a bad taste in the mouth of fans and they made the company aware. 

In lieu of this, a poll was released by PCW asking if Swann should still wrestle at the event. However, the company ultimately decided to change the name to “Sound the Alarm.” Shortly before the name change, Rich’s wife Su Yung tweeted saying: “He [Swann] doesn’t beat me. Stop harrassing him.”

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