Rich Swann Arrested For Battery and False Imprisonment

rich swann arrested battery false imprisonment wwe

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned WWE Superstar Rich Swann is currently behind bars.

According to the Alachua County Sheriff in Florida, Swann was taken into custody around 12 am on Sunday and no bond amount has been listed.

The charges listed are battery and kidnap/false imprisonment of an adult.

No further details are available at this time.

UPDATE 2: Rich is no longer in police custody.

UPDATE: Police just released the report stating it was a domestic issue with his wife. Swann is married to indie wrestler Su Yung.

Read the full report below.

  • A True Villain

    Legitimately shocking

  • Micah Daniels

    Color me stunned.

  • R.Hoffmann (Game-Art-HQ)

    Lol, this is awesome

  • steple2

    Well, he will be future endeavored


      I give it a week tops

      • steple2

        Lol If he is even that lucky

  • Ron

    I’d think Su Yung would have better taste then that!!


    What are the chances that Vince accidentally fires Shelton Benjamin?

    • DeathLock

      above 95%

    • A True Villain

      Excellent question, Shelton!

  • MzSavage15

    Why are they showing addresses? Not a good idea, especially since this involves a famous/semi-famous person…

  • Louis

    Yep. That motherfucker looked legit crazy which is why I had a tough time ever liking him. Not shocked by this just not shocked at all.

  • Steve Hamilton

    Daaamn, I guess Swanni couldn’t it

  • BigEazy

    WWE announced they already suspended Swann

  • pat5star

    Awww, young love for 2 (semi) celebs married to each other! 9 months and – right on cue – they deliver their first domestic!