Ric Flair — 67-Year-Old Deadlifts 400 Pounds (VIDEO)

ric flair deadlift video wwe wrestling hall of fame wrestler legend

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Ric Flair may be in his sixties, but that isn’t stopping him from heavy lifting — 400 pounds to be exact!!

The Nature Boy shared a video of his massive deadlift on Twitter Wednesday morning and included the caption, “I.Will.Never.Retire. #17”

In the video, the legend lifts a thoroughly loaded barbell off the ground and erects himself to a full upright position in what can only be described as a show of sheer will/strength.

Even Naitch himself seemed a bit surprised, as he utters out an astounded “Whoa!” at the end.

Check out the video below and go do some Hindu squats or something, ya lazy schlub!

  • Marty Funkhouser

    Snap City