Additional Details on The Revival Requesting WWE Releases

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned additional details on what led to The Revival requesting their releases this week from WWE.

In case you missed it, first reported Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson made the request following their match on Raw and Fightful reported that there was fear The Revival were on the way out of the company. 

Sources tell us the tag team’s decision to ask for their releases was based on how little time and respect the division is given. We’re told the duo is frustrated about the lack of promos, backstage segments and direction of the division. Not just for themselves, but the entire division … such as the tag match on Monday being used as a cutaway segment. 

One source also pointed to The Club being an afterthought on TV after coming to WWE as a major signing and Authors of Pain being absent from television not long after their debut as additional examples. 

We’re told the The Revival’s feelings on the subject boiled over on Monday after the tag team champions Bobby Roode/Chad Gable weren’t even featured on the show, so they asked WWE officials for their release. At this point, the request has been denied. 

Our sources say there’s been additional communication between the two sides since Monday, but it’s unclear if anything has been resolved. 

Also worth noting, one source says The Revival have a “decent amount of time” left on their contracts. 

  • Chuckie Chk

    Well they worked the Live Event last night in Texas, losing to Chad Gable & Bobby Roode

    • SalvadorZombie

      So? They’re still contracted, you moron.

      • Chuckie Chk

        i was just stating that they havent been taken off the road yet

        • AustinFan4Life

          What a loser that guy is lol calling u a moron lol wow

      • AustinFan4Life

        You’re obviously the moron

  • Paul

    That sucks. But yeah, no way I see Vince letting them go. Especially now. If AEW wasn’t a thing, then I could see them getting released.

    • Jefferson

      Even before AEW came along Vince McMahon would not even want to fire jobbers like The Brian Kendrick for example. Maybe Vince McMahon keeps dead weight on his roster that he sees no future in as useful for the WWE’s tax write offs come tax season.

      • Joelene Weeks

        Just because you see Kendrick as a ‘jobber’ doesn’t mean that’s actually the case. His value to the company goes beyond what you see on TV. He has worked as a trainer in nxt and owns and operates his own indy promotion (as do other current superstars) in addition to being a ‘jobber’ and putting others over. Of course Vince doesn’t want to fire him, he has no reason to.

        • Jefferson

          It’s not that I see him as a jobber, The Brian Kendrick is a jobber that’s a fact. Vince McMahon does not even put him on pay per views anymore even though he is not even injured. The Brian Kendrick will not even be one of the 30 participants in The Royal Rumble.

      • Paul

        I know back in the day, WWF had jobbers around but so did many other companies. NWA, AWA, etc. Which made sense as far as tv tapings. WWE clearly needs a “house cleaning”. I feel they need to dump some dead weight, guys of no use, etc. But with a huge surge in wrestling, he doesn’t wanna let any walk that has even the slightest bit of talent for fear of what they may say or even do in another company. I’m sure there are so many people who would shoot on what it’s really like to work for Vince. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows.

  • Zack Webster

    Fucking dick move by the company. If they want to leave just let them fucking leave. Wouldn’t surprise me If they pull a Neville and refuse to show up.

    • Sakamano 3000

      Sure, WWE can let them leave…if the Revival buy out the remainder of their contracts.

      • Zack Webster

        they shouldn’t have to buy out the remainder of their contracts. They’re obviously unhappy And want to leave and the company should respect that and Grant their release. Otherwise don’t expect 100% from them.

        • Sakamano 3000

          But that’s not how contracts work. WWE has a right to enforce its contract and unless WWE violated terms of the contract, the Revival has to honor what was signed.

          Unless there is a clause in the contract denoting that talent can opt out of the contract if unhappy, WWE is not doing anything wrong, in terms of contract enforcement.

          Now, if you want to view WWE negatively in that they are not utilizing talent to its potential, that’s fine to do.

          But in terms of contract, WWE doesn’t have to let anyone out early and has full rights to honor and enforce the terms of the signed contract.

          • Richard Morrow

            All true. They signed with them and that’s how it works. If WWE didn’t do that they would probably have a revolving door of talent coming and going. I’m not sticking up for WWE…I don’t follow their product anymore…but that’s how it works.

        • Ryan

          Revival should respect the contract they signed, nobody forced them to sign. Why would wwe let them go so they can go to another company, now with a reputation from being on wwe TV. Wwe made them somebody and now they want out. I hope wwe doesn’t let anyone go. They need to do there job and and fulfill there contract

        • Tony Slicer

          You know nothing about contracts I guess its wwe money that paid for there contract not anybody else

        • Philip Bolin

          Waaaa typical generation. I’m not happy so i wanna break the legal binding agreement i signed. Not how that works buddy

    • Theo Dious

      Holding someone to the terms of a contract they freely and knowingly signed is a dick move?

      • Zack Webster

        You’re obviously not grasping what I’m explaining. It’s a dick move because it doesn’t matter if they freely unknowingly signed the contract. What matters is their happiness and obviously they are unhappy and they want to leave. That’s why the WWE constantly gets bashed. They don’t give a shit about their employees feelings when they pretend all the time like they do. They should have respect for their wishes and release them because obviously they don’t want to be there anymore. You can expect 100% out of your employees when they are pretty much being held against their will.

        • Vince

          So contracts mean nothing, according to you. Lol.

        • Johnnie Walker

          According to the law it does matter if they signed a contract.

        • Brandon Taylor

          You just have to be a millennial.

        • Justin Pietri

          its a business. they don’t give a sh*t about anyone’s happiness unless if you are John Cena or any big name legends. happiness don’t mean anything because they can easily replace you by putting you in the back burner. this is a billion dollar company all they care about is whats best for them and the money $$$$ and im talking about this as a business stand point. you signed a contract and now you are stuck in it. happieness or not they will not give too sh*ts

        • Ike Pigott

          What you aren’t understanding is that simply letting The Revival walk without contractual basis creates a precedent that would have to be honored for every other contract they hold.

          I was signed to a contract with a television station, and I needed to get out for health reasons. I actually found a new job, and was getting ready for a lengthy buyout negotiation — when I discovered that another reporter had been allowed to walk just three days before.

          So what you call a “dick move” is merely what any publicly traded company must do, or risk getting sued for failure to uphold fiduciary responsibility.

  • Jenni Pop

    I knew their ceiling wasn’t that high… I mean they got beat down by 60 year olds on a raw anniversary episode.

  • Brandon Williams

    You know they will end up in AEW, and personally I can’t wait to see who all jumps ship because I’ll bet there will be more then one top star leave WWE.

    • iamlordeyayaya

      You think any, let alone multiple, top stars will leave? Wow.

      • A Unique Tweet

        Yes you will see stars leave. You do realize this is funded by billionaire Tony Khan right? It’s going to be legitimate competition and probably a much better product than anything WWE has put out in years.. alot of top names fed up with WWE politics. This is what happens when you have a barely even part time champion in Brock who is treated different than everyone else even though he is absolutely trash in the ring and on mic.

        • iamlordeyayaya


          • A Unique Tweet

            yeah haha. I’ll get back to you in 6 months and see if you still think AEW is a joke.. Another blind WWE fan (who wasn’t alive to see the Mon Night Wars) that just watches whatever garbage WWE shoves in their face.. The industry is changing drastically. WWE is no longer the end all, be all of wrestling (as a wrestler to make money and as a fan).. Which is good because now they will step up their game and will have to quit putting a lazy, thoughtless unimaginative, and uninspiring, product out to the masses

          • iamlordeyayaya

            I’m 36 smart guy. Probably been watching wrestling longer than you’ve been alive. But please feel free to try again.

          • A Unique Tweet

            Yeah I grew up going to AWA shows in Chicago and Milwaukee. So do the math

          • iamlordeyayaya

            Good for you?? I don’t care.

  • Derek B

    Vince has always hated tag-team wrestling

    • Jefferson

      Vince McMahon stopped caring about tag teams after The Smackdown 6.

  • Tim Fisher

    All of the wrestlers new before they sign their contract that the WWE has a huge talent pool with a limited television time so I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. Maybe they should take advantage of the time that they do have and work harder at getting over. They can’t have their cake and eat it too and no one force them into signing their contracts.


      News flash

    • ibleedfourcolors


    • Craig Moon

      Totally agree..Curious to know how much exactly,their contracts are worth..Everyone under contract that is..

    • Jefferson

      Vince McMahon obviously does not think The Revival can draw flies to horseshit hence why he books them the way he does, so why does he care if they go to AEW. It would be like if in The Monday Night Wars Vince McMahon had done everything in his power to make sure 8 Ball and Skull did not jump ship to WCW. In reality he didn’t care if they jumped ship to WCW because he did not see them as draws.

  • Fang McFrost

    I can’t wait until they add the women’s duvusion tag titties

  • Chuckie Chk

    just to point out, Vince is not going to let anyone outta their contract for them to just show up and work the Double or Nothing show. He will either have them sit out their contract (for some that could be a year or two) or bury them and release them only after the AEW event (which would still come with a 90 day clause)

  • burning_justice


  • Ahmed Mansaray

    Why should we still believe in this story after Maria Kanellis came out and shut the rumours surrounding her and husband. This is all dirt sheet news. Nothing in this pro-wrestling rumour world is true anymore. The same dirt sheets that claimed that Roman had no program were the same ones with egg on their face when he became Universal Champion a few weeks after they reported it. Stop it with the lies.

  • jenn g

    The revival sucks, they are way better tag teams they can pursue in any wrestling promotion.if they want to leave let them leave.

  • Atrac

    With the Revival on this one. Yes they have a contract, but Vince not releasing them at this point is the equivalent of some scrub buying up a domain name with no intention to utilize it.

  • Crowbar

    But they’re “independent contractors” so they should be able to go if they want…oh, wait

  • Tony Slicer

    You sign contract gotta finish it called breach of contract they only been there for year look how many from nxt had work harder get anywhere just because you was top dog little league nxt dont mean gonna be in wwe at first ..

  • AbeezyBeatz

    Vince do not like his tag team devision. Iike how Brother Love hated the knockout devision.

  • Louis

    Who are all you people????? Never seen any of you suckas here before.

  • ryan

    I call bs on these rumors at this point. Tbh, the revival has be used and featured. It’s not wwe’s fault that when the last two times they were in line for a push, that the team went out with an injury for a third time.

    The club’s gimmick just never got over. They were only relevant when on screen with balor or styles. But that’s on creative.