Alberto El Patron’s Mexican Restaurant Appears to Be Closed Down

restaurant alberto el patron del rio la cantinita

It looks like Alberto El Patron‘s relationship with Paige isn’t the only thing that ended this month, the wrestler has also seemingly shut down his restaurant in Texas.

According to My San Antonio, barricades have been set up outside La Cantinita on Blanco Road and signs are posted advertising that the space is for lease.

In addition, the website for the restaurant has been deactivated and social media pages haven’t been updated in a month. Plus, Yelp lists the business as closed.

The website notes that it’s unclear if the restaurant is permanently closed or just relocating. They also reached out to reps for the wrestler but haven’t heard back.

  • Will Henderson

    i bet it got closed by a combo of the following things:
    Albert Del Rio/El Paton’s personal problems with his relationship with Paige.
    ADR/AEP’s rumored possible cocaine addiction and the money meant to keep the place upfloat may had went to the coke.
    the restaurant was poorly run by ADR/AEP and his partners in this venture, especially with bad reviews on yelp saying the restaurant was not good in general.
    the heath inspector of San Antonio/Bexar County, TX gave the restaurant a failing grade thus forced it to close.

  • Shannon R

    I don’t know how accurate it was but Alberto El Patron talked in his social media accounts several weeks ago that the restaurant would be closed, citing frustrations as a franchisee and disappointments with the situation in general. He mentioned that another restaurant, built on a different concept would materialize in the future somewhere else, but did not elaborate any more than that.

  • Louis

    Alberto doing too much. Concentrate on one thing. Too much crap and all of it is failing.

  • Reality4U

    He’s as good at owning a restaurant as JR was.