Renee Young to Join Crown Jewel Announce Team in Saudi Arabia

renee young crown jewel commentary announce team

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Renee Young has been given the green light to join the Raw announce team and is set to travel to Saudi Arabia for Friday’s event. 

Sources tell us WWE began working to make this happen in September after the female announcer made history joining the Raw commentary desk.

It’s unclear if Renee will have certain guidelines or rules to follow because of the country’s numerous restrictions for women. 

This comes after John Cena and Daniel Bryan refused to work the event due to the Saudi government’s involvement in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Cena has been replaced by Bobby Lashley in the upcoming World Cup tournament.

As you may recall, women were not allowed to perform at Greatest Royal Rumble and the Saudi General Sports Authority even had to release a public apology after the event due to Bayley, Sasha Banks and Carmella being shown on the big screen wearing their ring gear.

Hall of Famer Lita additionally called WWE’s relationship with the Saudi Arabian government a direct conflict of interest at the time due to the company’s public push for female empowerment.

Do you think the addition of Renee on commentary changes that? Tell us in the comments below. 

  • Louis

    Poor Renee. Keep her as far away from the dorky “king” of Saudi as possible. He probably thinks he can add her to his harem.

    • Jjjj

      Dean dirty deeds the king to get renee back

  • YoungsterJoey

    I would’ve though they would have the announce team stay in the US like they did for Beast in the East and one of the UK tournaments (granted that one was taped). Can’t wait for Saudi Renee Young!

  • Louis
  • Bob Magee

    I want to see WWE officially announce this first..

    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

      I’ve been looking at all of the “news” surrounding CJ with that mindset. I’ll believe it when WWE announces it.

  • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

    Pffft… BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Way to smooth things over WWE…

  • John Peymann

    Renee Young is horrible as a commentator, adding her to the broadcast team put the final nail in the coffin of an already unwatchable show.

    • Zack Webster

      Oh come on she’s not that bad. I mean she’s no Josh Matthews so that’s a definite plus.

  • Zack Webster

    Oh yes let’s just bring a woman over to a country that’s literally populated with rapists , murderers , sexists and terrorists that thrives on killing raping and humiliating women because they think they’re lesser and because their imaginary friend in the sky tells them to. We’re sure she’ll be safe!


      So another day in the office?

      • Zack Webster


  • Nick Fortin

    Just goes to show, money will always trump morals

    • Jjjj

      Ufc is backing out of a 400 million dollar deal with Saudi Arabia so not always

  • Manu

    I mean you got half naked guys rubbing themselves up against one another with all that sexual innuendo you call wrestling moves. Why should we worry about having a woman anywhere close to that ring?

  • Francetta Goss

    I think we need to cut ties with Saudi after the past weeks. Even wrestling ! You can be sure they are making money off our WWE
    I dont trust them as far as I can throw them . They do not respect women and treat them with control and admonishments .
    WWE needs to stay away from them before they do something to one of ours.

  • Kristen PantherGirl

    Still not watching.

  • Mariano g Salgado

    Remember that Saudi Arabia is NOT like the United states of America and has their own rules and regulations that must be followed
    I wish all countries were like the United states of America with the freedom to Express themselves and be apart of this involvement with others worldwide

  • Zach TrainerRed Brown

    Still not watching ill be watching an old ecw ppv instead

  • Selina H

    It’s time to cut ties with the Saudis!!! Unbelievable your sending her after all this!!! Seriously!!! I ain’t watching no more. Ever. Again. Peace!

  • Jonas LaClaque

    she will get stoned and I dont mean stoned like other Canadians I mean stoned with stones

  • Black Dragon

    It’s progress guy… They weren’t even allowed to have any women the first time they came to Saudi. In a few years, WWE will almost certainly put on the first women’s wrestling match, just like they did in Abu Dhabi. You can’t promote change from home.