Update on Renee Young’s Commentary Future

renee young commentary future no immediate plans

Renee Young impressed the powers-that-be last night with her role on commentary, but sources tell us there are no immediate plans in place to permanently change her position.

Young made history last night as the first female to sit behind the commentary desk for the entirety of Raw and sources with direct knowledge say management was happy with her work.

While there may not be immediate plans to make her a commentator on Raw or Smackdown, we’re told Renee has expressed interest in doing it again in the future and will certainly be considered if an opportunity once again arises.

Case in point: Renee was chosen to do commentary this month at the Mae Young Classic.

Do you want to see Young return to the Raw commentary booth? Sound off in the comments.


    YES YES YES wayyyyyyy fucking better than jonathan coachman, come on wwe make it happen

    • Planet Dearth

      She’s actually not better at color commentary than Coach but she’s pretty and nice.

      • ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ – WGU

        Coach is a f’n trainwreck on commentary lol

        • Planet Dearth

          He provides more than “Oh!”

          • ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ – WGU

            “Oh!” is logically compatible as opposed to Coach’s commentary randomness

  • Cody Collier

    100% Yes Yes Yes!!

  • Jericho51

    YES YES ..HOLY SHIT YES!!!!!!!!!

  • Planet Dearth

    I like Renee Young a lot, everyone does. She’s an extremely valuable asset to WWE. They’re going to need a lot more than one-liners and “Oh’s!” for 3 hours though.

    • bababooey

      Maybe “oh” was the word of the hour.. But seriously, she was a breath of fresh air

      • Planet Dearth

        If they would have just put her on the announce team without patting themselves on the back for leading this weird women’s movement it probably wouldn’t have rubbed me the wrong away. Back to Coach on Monday. 😵

  • chris hinca

    replace Corey Graves

  • Matt the Misfit

    just replace Coach on Sunday