Raw Recap: Was “Mean” Gene’s Tribute the Right Time for Hogan to Return?

pro wrestling sheet raw recap

Join host John Rocha and Ryan Satin as they recap last night’s episode of Raw.

This includes:

  • Hulk Hogan paying tribute to “Mean” Gene
  • John Cena’s return to Raw
  • Long six-man tag team opener
  • Double dose of Seth vs. Dean
  • Not much changing on the show 
  • Moment of Bliss

And much more!

Listen to the audio on Podcast One or watch the video below.

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  • Louis

    I thought that was really nice tribute and a genuine Hulk Hogan. He did a good job with that.

    • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

      Same… And, there was really no one else they could send out there.

  • SYD

    This was an opportunity for WWE to test whether there was a possibility to bring Hogan back and still get over with the fans. WWE sheep will buy anything.