Priscilla Kelly Causes Opponent to Vomit After “Throwing Up” on Them (VIDEO)

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If you thought the video of Priscilla Kelly shoving a tampon in her opponent’s mouth was bad, wait until you see this vomit-filled clip from her match last night. 

It all went down at The Ultimate Bar Brawl in Atlanta where Kelly teamed with Darby Allin against Delilah Doom and Eli Everfly in a match with no ring.

The finish saw Priscilla “throw up” on Everfly atop the bar, allowing Darby to roll him up for a three count. A disgusted Eli then began to throw up due to being grossed out. 

The replay of the event can be found on FITE and includes Ken Shamrock wrestling Tom Lawlor. 

Watch the clip below (at your own risk). 

  • Jeffrey Skidmore

    Bischoff wrote a book titled ‘Controversy Creates Cash’ which essentially defined the late 90’s era everyone loved that was filled with questionable actions. Love it or hate it, as long as people keep talking about what she’s doing and giving her press, Priscilla Kelly will keep doing it and keep getting bookings. Get that paper.

    • juanito


  • juanito


  • Heather Thompson Schuh

    Gross! 😝