Pentagon Jr and Fenix Will Wrestle in AEW, But They Don’t Have Exclusive Deals

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Despite how it was made to sound last night, Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Pentagon Jr and Fenix are not locked down to exclusive AEW contracts at this point. 

In case you missed it, The Young Bucks made an appearance at last night’s “Come Hell or High Water” event in Atlanta after the Lucha Bros defeated SCU.

The AEW VPs stated Pentagon and Fenix are the second best tag team in the world, but they’d have to join All Elite Wrestling if they want to prove they’re number one. The Bucks then said they didn’t have formal AEW contracts to offer, but a handshake agreement would work. 

Before that could happen though, the group were attacked from behind by local wrestlers. SCU, The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros fought them off … then the two tag teams shook hands. 

Things got confusing hours later, however, after Chris Jericho tweeted saying the tag team had signed exclusive agreements with AEW — which would call their statuses with AAA, CMLL, Impact, MLW and Lucha Underground into question. 

According to Lucha Central, which we’ve also confirmed with sources, Pentagon and Fenix will work dates for AEW but they’ve yet to sign an exclusive agreement. This means they’ll continue to fulfill promised dates in 2019 and work for a multitude of companies. 

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  • Chuckie Chk

    based on the Lucha Underground contracts they signed, they wont be able to n “exclusively with anyone until at least 2020

  • Chris King

    They should continue to work for multiple companies.

  • Aj B

    Hope they finish the year and then get enough money to be exclusive to AEW. If they’re on LU, Impact, MLW, AEW, and a few indies every week, they lose their specialness & kill their bodies. I hope AEW picks up some new tag teams we haven’t seen before (besides the OWE guys).

  • juanito

    I hope they sign Roberto Del Rio personal announcer Ricardo Rodriguez back I Loved that dude and he was hilarious ANYWAY what I wanted to say is I think Vince’s comedy acts back in the day like putting his face in Big Show’s Ass is Hilarious they should do an angle where mark henry eats blue color dye and shits blue crap and somehow liv Morgan confuses it for yogurt and licks it to make her tongue blue since that’s her gimmick….

  • Louis

    Props to these guys for working so many places but doing that will take it’s toll. Fenix got a nasty, scary, injury over the weekend. At first it was to be a stinger but he it was more a minor neck injury. He’ll take time off for a few weeks to heal.