Paige Releases Statement About XXX Material Being Stolen From Her And Leaked Online

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WWE Superstar Paige had nude photos and sex videos released on the internet today without her consent … and now the Total Divas star has released a statement about the unfortunate situation.

The XXX material was posted on 4chan and Reddit on Friday, but quickly removed due to the aggregating websites taking a stance against non-consensual nude/sexualized images on their sites.

Paige commented saying, “Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.”

We made multiple attempts to reach Paige’s legal team to see if they’ll be taking action against any sites who disseminate the photos and videos, but no immediate comment was available.

  • Louis

    That’s terrible.

    • Lewis M.

      Are you really blaming the victim right now???

      • Tommy Dennis


        • Lewis M.

          Yes. Someone had their private shit stolen, and posted to the internet. The wrong is ENTIRELY done to Paige, so yes… Victim.

      • Louis

        Stuff like that is intimate. If you don’t want that ever revealed to the public, don’t record it and save it. Not blaming Paige but she needed to use common sense when doing stuff like that.

        • Lewis M.

          I mean, there’s an element of truth to what you’re saying, but ultimately what people are into is their business. If they like filming themselves, that’s them. That is still no reason for them to have their shit stolen and posted without their consent.

    • Dylan Conway

      Blame apple.. Anything kept on the cloud, they store permanentely…

  • Jimmie Hughes

    You know, when I hear there’s been a strong of car burglaries in my area, I 52nd to lock the doors.

  • Wenwen

    Everyone has sex but why do the victim-girls always get abused, bullied and made fun of?
    Why being a victim make someone loses their jobs and bright oportunities?

    People have right to record things and save them and lots of them do the same as this girl did. Theirs are just not stolen or have not been yet.