Paige Declares She’s Now Single (VIDEO)

paige single alberto del rio el patron

The very public relationship between Paige and Alberto El Patron seems to be finished … because last night on Snapchat the soon-to-return WWE Superstar said she’s single.

Paige’s friend Jenna posted a video Thursday night on Snapchat in which the WWE star says, “this is why I’m single” while joking around about another couple who were making out.

Sources had told us the couple recently broke up and that it seemed like their engagement was officially called off, but attempts to reach her and Alberto to confirm were unsuccessful.

Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin discussed this on the latest Wrestling Sheet Radio, as well as all the other top stories of the week. A clip of that conversation can be HEARD HERE.

No word from El Patron on social media today, but we’ll update you if he responds.

  • KREePyKiDD

    I really hope that Paige finds who she is supposed to be with.

  • Will Henderson

    i hope she is fully done with Alberto Del Asshole and moves on to a man who will treat her better and with more respect then Del Asshole ever did.

    maybe returning to the Performance Center may have help her realized Del Asshole was a coke up asshole who’s glory days are over and is on the brink of ODing to death if not murdered by the Mexican drug cartels (I bet AAA and CMLL may have some ties to the Mexican drug cartels just like how Japanese wrestling promotions like Pro Wrestling NOAH had ties to the Japanese Yukuza).

    • Angie

      She disrespected herself when she made those videos, I’m sure she didn’t do anything with Alberto that she didn’t want to do.

      • DCxSuicideKingGWR

        Agreed Angie, I think they were toxic for eachother

        • Angie

          Sometimes when you’re young you do stupid things, falling for the wrong person is one of them, I’ve done it, we all have. They had their fling I’m sure they had some good times as well as bad, all good

  • Alfredo Signore

    Yeah, that’s why she’s single, definitely not because she’s a used up trash bag who was passed arund the entire WWE locker room.

    • Kelly Bills

      You are a child.

  • Metropolis Fellow

    what’s that hanging out of Alberto’s ass.

    • Mark Owsley

      That’s his tail

  • Marty Funkhouser

    whats with the damn ads!

  • Jimmy Norris

    She’s dumb.