WWE Confirms Paige Won’t Compete in Women’s Royal Rumble, Silent on Further Details

paige out of royal rumble neck injury confirmation wwe

Tom Phillips confirmed on Raw tonight that Paige will not be in the women’s Royal Rumble due to her neck injury … however, no further details about her in-ring future were given.

As we previously reported, WWE officials have informed Paige that she will not be cleared due to the injury suffered last month at a live event.

The update on Raw tonight was brief, same for the report on WWE.com, but it’s the closest WWE or Paige have come to confirming what is going behind the scenes.

We’ll keep you updated once more information is made available.

  • The Phenomenal Glow

    Is it possible that reports were exaggerated?

    • Louis

      No. She’s done as an active wrestler. She said it herself on Lillian Garcia’s podcast that her doctor, not affiliated with the WWE, told her that she has to retire and not continue wrestling. She went against his wishes and started wrestling again. That led to her getting a stinger against Sasha Banks on a LI house show last month.

      • Douglas Allen Paige II

        Where’s your PhD certificate? Did you examine Paige? Or are you just saying what all the news sites are saying? Unless you’re Paige or WWE medical – you don’t know the answer to that question.

        • DoomHead

          Defensive much?

        • Louis

          She said it herself ON THE RECORD on Lillian Garcia’s podcast. You dumb motherfucker.

          Has she wrestled since she was injured by Sasha? Was she pulled out of the Royal Rumble?

          Get your head out of your ass you dumbass.