WATCH: Paige Retires From In-Ring Competition

paige retires wrestling wwe raw video

Paige announced on Raw this week that she’s officially retired from in-ring competition and the wrestler said its due to neck injuries she has suffered.

Following Sasha Banks vs. Mandy Rose, Paige took the microphone and said, “Unfortunately due to neck injuries, I can no longer perform in this ring as an in-ring competitor.”

As we previously reported, Paige was medically disqualified by WWE officials back in January following an injury that occurred at a house show in December.

During her speech on Raw, Paige thanked Daniel Bryan and said his recent return at WrestleMania 34 has given her hope for the future. She also said Edge was backstage today and gave her advice.

In a sad bit of coincidence, New Orleans is also the same place Paige debut in WWE.

  • Mark Kroberger

    If she truly loves this business, which I ‘know’ that she does, she will fight and work hard to get better, so that it won’t be a matter of ‘if’ she will return, but ‘WHEN’ she will return to the WWE to wrestle and live her dream. Her retirement doesn’t mean that she should be gone from the WWE, as it was revealed prior of her neck injury that she would have to give up wrestling, yet she ‘still’ came down to ringside to manage ‘Absolution’. Hmm, why not be a manager? Why can’t there be female managers and/or advocates? Paige has great mic skills, and could be pushed to be the female version of Paul Heyman (maybe). If not, then the best move for her would be to take a position as a trainer at the Performance Center, as she works towards healing and getting well for her return?
    Whatever happens from this point forward, the WWE Universe is there is wish you all the best, and believe that this isn’t a “goodbye”, but just a “see ya later”. You ‘CAN’ make a comeback, Paige. Your fans await your return, and when you do, you ‘will’ TAKE BACK YOUR HOUSE!!


  • Louis

    Very sad.