Paige Will Not Be Cleared to Return By WWE Officials

paige injury career done not cleared wwe

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed WWE officials informed Paige that she will not be cleared to return to a WWE ring again following her most recent injury.

PWInsider was first to report the news this afternoon and we’ve confirmed the information to be accurate with multiple sources.

As we previously reported, the injury occurred last month at a live event during a six-woman tag match when Sasha Banks kicked her from behind. The recently returned wrestler went down hard and attempted to get up, but quickly fell back down before the match was called off.

According to PWInsider, it is believed she was given the news during Monday Night Raw this week and they described the situation as similar to what happened with Edge‘s retirement.

This couldn’t come at a worse time for the 25-year-old, as she was in the midst of a comeback following a long neck injury hiatus and only wrestled a few matches before the incident occurred.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.

  • jrock2310

    Since the story brings up edge… does this imply her (wwe) in-ring career may be over?

    • BaldBombshell

      It pretty much states it. She won’t be cleared to return.

    • THE JAYDOLF 9000

      Unfortunately that’s what it means…

  • Jonas LaClaque

    sad news but she can always do porn

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  • Don Draper

    She can always wrestle in tna, they’ll clear anyone over there and im sure she’ll end back up with del rio is there.

    • Louis

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      • Don Draper

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        • Louis

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  • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

    A shocking and tragic update for Paige and her family.

    May they maintain their emotional balance in such a gruesome situation.
    Best of luck for Paige and her family

  • Louis

    She’s had a rough time lately.

  • Andre The Giant

    After a year, Paige has done great as Smackdown GM. And she looks so much better and healthier.